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■ Believed to be one of the factors that ignited the Filipino

■ Prompted the martyrdom of GOMBURZA (February 17,
■ 3 First hand versions (Spanish, Filipino, and the official
report of governor Izquierdo)
■ Uprising of Filipino troops and workers at the Cavite
Jose Montero y Vidal Trinidad H. Pardo de
Spanish Version
■ Written by Jose Montero y Vidal in his book “Historia General de Filipinas”
■ Emphasized that the cause of mutiny was to overthrow Spanish Government
■ Criticized as biased in his book by Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera
■ Rafael de Esquierdo is appointed as the Governor in the Philippines (April 4, 1871)
■ Anonymous reports of a great uprising would break against the Spaniards, but they
pay no mind to it (Beginning of the year 1872)
■ Conspiracy of the planning of the Filipinos
■ Night of January 20, 1872; in the celebration of fiesta of the patron Saint (Virgin of
Loreto), fireworks and rockets were fired
■ The attack on the Cavite fort happened at 9 in the evening
■ At the same night, a commandant of marine reported the incident to
■ The next day, two regiments (Isabela I and Isabela II) left for Cavite
under the command of Felipe Ginoves
■ Suppression of the rebels
■ Prisoners pointed out the instigators of the mutiny and is arrested
■ Sentence of the rebels
■ Execution of Gomez, Burgos, Zamora, and Saldua
Filipino Version
■ Written by Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera
■ Focuses on the reason why the mutiny happened and how it affected
the Filipino people

■ Izquierdo replaced La Torre in his position
■ Filipino workers are dissatisfied in the current government
■ Filipino soldiers were deceived
Gov. Gen. Rafael Gerónimo Cayetano
Izquierdo y Gutiérrez
■ September 30, 1820 (Santander, Spain)
■ Antonio Izquierdo del Monte and Antonia Gutierez
dela Camara
■ 14 years old (cadet)
■ 17 years old (captain)
■ 1861 (lieutenant general(Lugo Spain) ; Lieutenant-
General (Puerto Rico))
■ 1871(Gov General (Philippines))
Gov. Gen. Rafael Izquierdo

■ Spanish ministry of war

■ January 23, 1872
■ Native clergy, scholars, and some residents of
■ “insurrection”, “uprising”, “revolution”
“it seems definite that the
insurrection was motivated
and prepared by the native
clergy, mestizos, and native
lawyer and abogadillos.”
“protested against injustice
of the government in not
paying the tobacco crops,..”
“the rebellion would not fail
because God is always with them
; and those who would not revolt
they would kill immediately.”
“it turns out that they
would place at the
head of the
government a priest”