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Ferguson’s Formula

Teguh Halim (117181011)

“You CANNOT Lead by Following”

-Sir Alex Ferguson
Start with Foundation
From The Moment I Got to Man Utd, I Thought only one Thing: Building a Football Club

1986: Only 1 Under 24 First Team Player!

• Build from The Bottom

• Modernizing Youth Program

• “If You give young players your attention and an

opportunity to succeed, it is amazing how much they will
surprise you”

“Young People will Always manage to Achieve the Impossible – whether that is on The Football Field or Inside a Company”
Dare to Rebuild Your Team
The Hardest Thing is to Let Go of a Player who has been a Great Guy

Even in Great Success, Rebuild Your Team!

• Strategic, Rational, Systematic

• Young Players were Developing and Meet The Standards

that the older ones had set.

“The Work of a team should always embrace a great player but the great player must always work”
Never, Ever Cede Control
If any Players want to take me on, to Challenge my authority and control, I deal with them

You Can’t Ever Lose Control!

• “Bad Apple”? Let them Go.

• All Players are Treated the Same

“No One Bigger than The Club”

Match the Message to The Moment
“Well Done.” Those are the Two Best Words Ever Invented

“You can’t Always come in Shouting & Screaming”

• “Hair Dryer” treatment

• If You to Soft you cannot achieve anything if You too hard

and the players are fearful all the time they won’t perform
well either.

“If You Lose and You Gave Your Best, It’s not a Problem, but If You are not Gave Your Best, Mind Your Ears”
Prepare to Win
Winning is My Nature – I Have to Win

Fergie Time!

• Pulling out Victory in The Late Stages of Games

• Inspirational halftime team talks

• “I am a Gambler – a Risk Taker”

• I think all my teams had perseverance,they never

gave in

“I’ve Never Played for the Draw in My Life”

Rely on The Power of Observation
Observation is The Final Part of My Management Structure

Delegate and Observe!

• Delegate training session to the Assistant Manager

• I don’t Think Many People fully Understand the Value of

Observing. I came to see Observation as Critical Part of
My Management Skills. The Ability to see things is key or
more specifically, the ability to see things you don’t expect
to see

“When I was lost in my own Thoughts, Cathy would Always say, ‘You’re not Listening to Me.’ She was Right“”
Never Stop Adapting
In Ferguson’s Quarter of a Century at United, The World of Football Changed

Tremendous capacity to Adapt

• Tactical Changed

• Media Changed, Stadium Improved, Money Poured

• The Only way we can keep players at Manchester United

is if We Have the Best Training Ground in Europe.

“We Had a Virus that Infected Everyone at United. It was Called Winning”
The Journey of Champions

1986 1990 1991 1993 1999

Appointment The First Listed in 1 Win.. 12 The Treble

Alex Ferguson named as Trophy
Man. United wins The FA LSE
Valued? £47 million to win
Man. United goThe First The First UK team to Win
The New Man. United Cup Edition of Premier League Premier League, FA Cup
manager replaced Ron and 12 other will follow and Champion League in
Atkinson the Same Year

Glory Glory Man. United! As The Reds Go Marching Up!

The Journey of Champions

2001 2005 2008 2012 2013

3 in a Row Glazer Night in Listed in End of an

Alex Ferguson become the MalcolmCome!
Glazer buy Man. Sir AlexMoscow
Ferguson win the Value? NYSE
£2.3 billion (the Era Retired
Sir Alex Ferguson
First Manager to Win United totalling nearly 2nd Champions League as most valuable sport as Manager
English League in 3 £800 million. Manager by Beating franchise in the world)
consecutive Season Chelsea in The Final

Glory Glory Man. United! As The Reds Go Marching Up!

The Greatest Manager in History

“The Most Romantic Club in The History of World Football and That Will Never Change”
That’s all. Thank you
very much! 
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