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The CEO Can’t Afford to

By Group B5
• Abhishek Gope
• Amrit Prasad Patnaik
• Harshwardhan Singh
• Priyesh Kumar Mishra
• Riya
• Sampad Sagar Rath
• Vrinda.R.Krishnan

AIM-Should Gerald Smarten allow the first

responders to use the lobby to treat the
wounded survivors?
 Set in a boardroom on a Tuesday morning executive meeting,
Gerald Smarten, CEO of Kaspa Financial Services, and the rest
of his executive team were discussing the acquisition of
Huadong, a Shanghai-based investment firm
 When suddenly they saw Smoke was billowing out of the
subway entrance across from Boston’s historic South Station.
Traffic had stopped, and people were pouring into the street.
 Boston was under a terrorist attack.
 The company was contacted by first responders asking for
permission to use their lobby for the treatment of the
 The CEO was in dilemma weather to allow or not.
Factors that would affect the decision

1. What type of leader the company CEO

2. What are his values and ethics?
3. How he views the organization?
The types of leadership



The types of leadership

Manifests Builds
Honesty Community

Respect Serves
Others Others
Advantage of ethical leadership in
their current situation
1.Would position the
company as a firm believing
in ethical corporate

1.Which in turn would

improve their brand image

1.This would lead to a

increased customer loyalty
Disadvantage of ethical leadership in
their current situation

1. May
not be economically viable for the

2. The company could end up in legal issues.

3. Loss of assets and other financial troubles.

The Autocratic Leader

1. Individual control

2. Make choices based on their own ideas

3. Rarely accept advice from followers

Advantage of autocratic leadership
in present context

1. Will
be able to take a quick decision in this
time of emergency

2. Will
be able to save a lot of lives if he
allows the use of lobby as quickly as
Disadvantage of autocratic
leadership in present context

1. Mightcome into conflict with his legal


2. Alot of company staff wont like the lobby

to be used as a morgue

3. Would lead to disharmony in the future.

The Authentic Leader

 An authentic leader reflects upon all of their actions and

decisions and examines their own strengths and
weaknesses without any bias
 An authentic leader is all heart. They are not afraid to dig
deep, and they lead their team with courage and empathy
that only comes from listening to the heart.
 Strength of character is essential for an authentic leader.
They don’t say things which they don’t mean, and they
earn respect because of this quality. People trust them
because they keep their word, no matter what it takes.
Advantage of Authentic leadership
in present context

1. Will be able to win the hearts of his employs

2. Will set an example that the company always

cares about his employs

3. This could be the best style to avoid any conflict

Disadvantage of authentic
leadership in present context

1. Might lead to financial losses

2. Mightgo against the values and interest of

the company

3. Is
not helpful in transactional decision
Which leadership style to go with