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Who are we and what do

we do?
David Lawson
Technical Director
Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
LRQA worldwide

LRQA is one Business Stream of The Lloyd’s Register Group so we also have
access to support from over 240 offices in 80 countries, as well as the services
provided by other parts of the Group.

Lloyd’s Register is one of the world’s leaders in assessing business processes and
products to
internationally recognised standards. The key areas of business we cover are
Marine, Energy,
Transportation and Management Systems.

We employ around 8000 people covering more than 90 nationalities across all
- worldwide
LRQA’s services are delivered globally by over 2000 expert assessors and
We offer:

• a wide range of assessment and certification services

• validation and verification services
• advisory and training services

Our credibility and competency is validated by the endorsements we have

received from more
than 48 national and international accreditation bodies
Different services from LRQA

• Certification
• Validation
• Verification
• Advisory services
• Training
Services - certification

LRQA certification is issued after a successful assessment has been

carried out against a
specific standard.

As the LRQA brand is globally recognised, stakeholders can be assured of

the global credibility of the certification.
Services - validation

Validation by LRQA (for climate change schemes), provides

assurance of a
Project’s design data and documentation.

The LRQA validation opinion confirms that the project is capable of

greenhouse gas removals or emissions reductions against an agreed
set of criteria.

This allows the project developer to gain credits to trade at market

rates and so gain a return for their investment
Services - verification

Verification by LRQA assures reported data and information, (including

sustainability / CSR reports), to confirm that it is reliable and supported by an
effective management system. Once a successful assessment has been
carried out
and technical approval given, we award an LRQA verification statement.

Our focus at LRQA is to help assure a client’s sustainability strategy

and climate change assertions are trustworthy. This helps ensure they are
able to
receive a fair reward for sustainability improvements from the financial
regulators and customers.
Services - reports

LRQA reports are compiled for any type of certification, validation

and verification
service. Our reports, analyses and observations are focused on driving
performance and adding value to an organisation.
Services - training

LRQA provides practical client training courses worldwide in various languages,

led by our own qualified tutors. Courses cover for example quality, audit
improvement, environmental, health & safety, asset protection, integrated
management systems and business improvement.

Many of our courses are endorsed by relevant professional bodies and are based
on our experience of assessing management systems. LRQA offers both public and
in-company training events including customised training solutions. Our courses
start from an ‘appreciation’ level right up to lead auditor level and beyond.
Advisory services

LRQA can work with a client to provide impartial and trustworthy

opinions and advice on a variety of projects including risk reduction,
performance improvement and sustainable business practices.

We work closely with them to discuss options and develop together a

programme for the scope of work required.
Assessment services - overview
We offer assessment services that combine our unique methodology and technical expertise,
with considerable sector experience and extensive knowledge of international and local
standards and schemes for:

• Quality management
• Environmental management
• Health and safety management
• Climate change
• Sustainability report assurance
• Energy management
• Security management
• Social responsibility
Assessment standards
We assess against many different
standards or sets of assessment criteria.

The main standards are:

ISO 9001 quality management system standard International Food Standard (IFS) for food supply chains
ISO 14001 environmental management system standard RIS (International Railway Industry Standard) for the
OHSAS 18001 health and safety
ISO 13485 for manufacturers of medical devices
We also use for example:
ISO 14064 for voluntary verification of GHG emissions
AS100 for companies supplying the aerospace industry ISO/TS 16949 for automotive-related products
British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global standard for ISO 22000 for managing food safety
food ISO 27001 for IT Security
Industry, retailer branded products ISO 28000 for managing international supply chain security
ISO 22301 framework for organisational resilience ISO/TS29001 for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural
European Economic Area Directives: for medical devices, gas
machinery, PPE, noise emission, simple pressure vessels etc
ISO 50001 for energy management
Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for safe delivery of
food ISO 55001 for Asset Management
HACCP for food safety and pharmaceutical safety PAS 2050 for assessing the carbon footprint of goods and
SA 8000 for human rights and working conditions
TickIT for the application of ISO 9001 in software
LRQA and business challenges
• We understand that to meet the challenge
As one of the world’s most of tougher demands from our client’s
trusted management system stakeholders and the rapidly changing
assessment companies, LRQA conditions affecting their business, clients
want to have effective control over
delivers assurance for all operations, improved performance and
businesses better management of risk
• We don’t just check that a client’s systems
meet the requirements of a standard: we
go further than the traditional assessment
process. We help clients see that their
management system and the way they
run their business can be brought closer
• We call it Business Assurance: this
unique approach helps companies
manage their systems and risks to both
improve and protect the current and
future performance of the organisation.
LRQA and business challenges

Business Assurance • Bridges a common gap between

client’s management system and
business system
• By understanding what really matters
to organisations, LRQA works with them
to improve their systems and
• The Business Assurance approach
developed by LRQA ensures that our
assessors concentrate on the things
that matter to our clients, by taking a
systematic approach to determine what
does matter in a manner that is
relevant to the maturity or
effectiveness of their management
Business Assurance

LRQA Business Assurance is built on three pillars to

add value to traditional certification:

risk-based methodology
themed surveillance
continual improvement

• Client’s do not have to keep any additional records or pay any additional fees
• Companies get the most from their management systems and the investment made in
because LRQA assessors understand a client’s wider business objectives and are trained
focus on business priorities and where to reduce risks and improve performance.
LRQA’s approach

• When working with clients, we discuss the issues and risks faced by
their organisation, so that we can develop a deeper understanding
of the current internal and external environment they are operating
in. The assessments can then be based around the most important
issues relating to the performance of the management system and
the ability to realise its potential. We help clients by identifying
whether there are systems in place to both conform with regulations
and aid performance. Most importantly, we help ensure these
systems are being followed and are operating efficiently.
• We take a risk management based approach to ensure that valuable
information is provided to clients during the assessment process.
LRQA’s approach

• Our risk based approach to Business Assurance allows us to tailor

the assessment to the maturity of our client’s systems.
• The design of the management system is continually evaluated to
make sure it takes account of risks. It also ensure the system
remains complete, robust and appropriate.
• This will help clients to build trust and enhance their reputation with
their stakeholders.
LRQA advantage

Benefits from
working with LRQA
LRQA advantage
Through working with LRQA clients will benefit from:

• Technical know-how
LRQA is recognised and respected worldwide for consistently high standards of
competence. Our assessors are highly qualified in their specific fields of management
system and verification expertise.

• Integrity and impartiality

As a member of the Lloyd’s Register Group, we have no shareholders of our
own: we are independent and impartial in everything we do. LRQA is accredited by
over 45 accreditation bodies around the world: this further assures our independence,
impartiality and unbiased technical insight.
Lloyd’s Register
- independence

• Our independence is highly valued: clients can be confident that our
certifications and statements are impartial and that we are not
influenced by commercial or government pressures.

• We have built our reputation and ability to change on the
professional excellence of our people.
• Companies trust us to deliver technically correct assessments and
LRQA advantage

• At LRQA we are passionate about what we do and we understand

what’s at stake for our clients’ businesses. We work hard to apply
our expertise to make our clients’ management systems more
efficient and effective. This is why we are one of the world’s most
trusted management system assessment companies providing
assurance for businesses and their stakeholders.
• Our clients’ stakeholders can be confident that where an LRQA
certificate, attestation statement or a visit report has been issued,
the underlying assessment process will have been carried out with
rigour and discipline by well qualified and experienced assessors.
Our internal processes ensure that we have consistency of approach
wherever we carry out work and that our high standards are
LRQA - world leader

LRQA has been consistently first to meet the certification needs of

our clients’ businesses.

For over 25 years, our people have been at the forefront of all the major
that have shaped the independent certification industry. Today, with our
organisations across the world can be confident their systems and
operations meet the
demands of stakeholders with a view to helping ensure long term
sustainable growth.
LRQA has issued certification to over 60,000 companies in more than 120 countries so clients
can be confident that we have the experience needed to carry out their assessment or
verification work.
Our clients range from large multinational companies to small local businesses,
from ship-owners and giants in the energy market to those who deliver goods to shops and
homes. Companies recognise the value of us working closely with them and trust us to help them
improve safety, quality and business performance.

LRQA has a broad portfolio of internationally recognised clients. We have issued

certifications to 50% of the Top 200 Financial Times Global Index companies.

Confidence is built from our professional service, independence, competency of our people and
our integrity