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Lufthansa ² A Brand
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is one of the world¶s leading airlines. As an aviation group, the
company carries more than 56 million passengers in the ´Passageµ business segment.

The company¶s customer base is being continuously reinforced ² above all in the European
home market and with the focus on the ÅBusiness Customers´ segment.

Lufthansa offers you a direct approach to this target group along the entire travel chain, with
customized and unusual advertising media.

Use the Lufthansa brand as an efficient medium for your advertising message.




Brand Subsidiaries




Brand Life Cycle
 The company was founded on January 6, 1926 in Berlin
 The company's original name was 

. Lufthansa
 After the outbreak of war in 1939, Lufthansa was only able to maintain service
to neutral countries
 All service was suspended by Lufthansa following Germany's defeat in 1945.
á "!
 Yn 1958, Lufthansa placed an order for four Boeing 707s, used to start jet
services from Frankfurt to New York in March 1960
 Lufthansa introduced the Boeing 727 into service in 1964
 Lufthansa was the first customer to purchase and also bought the largest
number of Boeing 737 aircraft
 Lufthansa adopted a new corporate identity in 1988. The fleet was given a new
livery while cabins, city offices and airport lounges were redesigned.
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 ãn May 18, 1997 Lufthansa,Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines,Thai
Airways and United Airlines formed the Star Alliance, the world's first
unilateral airline alliance.
 ãn May 17, 2004, Lufthansa became the launch customer for the Connexion
by Boeing in-flight online connectivity service.
 ãn December 6, 2006, Lufthansa placed an order for 20 Boeing 747-
8 airliners, becoming the launch customer of the type. Their first A380 has been
delivered on May 19, 2010.

Analysis Brand
Setup Phase
Phase Diagnosis

Miles and More

‡ The mileage calculator system

Brand Positioning Survey and Workshop

‡ Determined global position for the future
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Alliances And Partnerships

Lufthansa is owned by private investors, MGL, Deutsche Postbank and Deutsche Bank

Partnership initiated through19% stake with American low-cost airline Jetblue.

ãn August 28, 2008 Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines announced joining together.

ãn September 15, 2008 it was announced Lufthansa will acquire a 45% stake in Brussels

ãn 28 ãctober 2008, Lufthansa exercised its option to purchase a further 60% share
in BMY

Yn November, Lufthansa and Austrian announced a deal in which Lufthansa will buy the
majority stock from the Austrian government.

Alliance with Star Alliance