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Mixtures and Transformations

By Megan Grable
ECED 304
● Bowls

● water

● Cornstarch

Materials ● Pitcher

Ooblek ● Spoons

● Color tablets
What did you enjoy
about the Making
Mixtures activities?
What did you learn from the Making Mixtures activities?
How did this experience affect your ideas about physical
science, chemistry and science process skills for young
● How does the water change the
consistency of the mixture?

● What other ingredients could be

What questions did this added to the mixture that would
activity raise for you? make it different?

● What would happen to the

mixture if I was frozen?

● What would happen if I heated

it up?
Looking at the Science Foundations: Scientific Inquiry or
Physical Science find one foundation that you explored or
learned and briefly explain why and how you would scaffold it
using mixtures or transformations
One Foundation I explored: How I would use it:

In Physical Sciences-Changes in Non-living objects and With the children allowing them to explore how the
materials “2.1 Demonstrate an increased awareness that materials change based on what is added, how the
objects and materials can change in various ways. mixture can be soft or firm depending on the ingredients
Explore and describe in greater detail changes in objects that are used. The important part is to allow the
and materials (rearrangement of parts; change in color, children to navigate the materials using a constructivist
shape, texture, form, and temperature).” (CDE, 2012) approach to learning with open reign on using the
materials how they see fit and allowing them to observe
the reactions of the different ingredients together.
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