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Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient,
on-demand network access to a shared pool of
configurable computing resources, servers, storage,
applications, that can be rapidly provisioned and
released with minimal management effort or service
provider interaction.This cloud model promotes
availability and is composed of five essential
characteristics, three service models, and four
deployment models.
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nformation Technology nterfaces, 2008. T 2008. 30th nternational Conference
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Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2010
3rd nternationaLConference
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ŒCloud Computing (CLOUD), 2010  3rd nternational Conference on
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Computing (CLOUD), 2010  3rd nternational Conference on
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  # & % Cloud
Computing (CLOUD), 2010  3rd nternational Conference on

Client Details
Ordering Details
n Admin module it helps to view the
Registered Company and also to view the
Order details of a company month wise.

Client Registration
Viewing the Products
Ordering the products
n User module first is the company has to register
the details before enter into shopping. After
registering only the person can log in to view the
product and he can order for the product.
Oracle is a cloud database which is being used in
the project. Which the All the details will be
stored in both the data base. The Oracle not be
owned by company per mentally. t like taking
outside warehouse for time being. When the data
has cross the limit.. So that the cloud data base
Oracle has being used in this project.

*ront nd : PHP

Back nd : MySQL and ORACL 10g

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1. All the data has being maintained in single data
2. The data has being increased the company has
to removes
3. One data from the database. So that they has
to miss many data from the data base.
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Πach and every time the customer details have to
register manually
Œ On administrator side it¶s difficult to manage more
no of customer if visited.
ΠAdministrator has to keep track of all processes
ΠAs files are maintained manually, chances for
errors are large
ΠPublicity cannot be assured
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The main objectives of the proposed system

are to reduce the human work, reduce the
maintenance time, and to make the system more
user friendly, efficient, more accurate and fast
processing. We used the web service concept to
develop this application.

ŒComparing the existing system it reduces the
maintenance cost and investment
ŒAs system exists as online it possible to
conduct auction wherever administrator being
in journey.
Œaining more customers becomes quite easier
ŒCan keep track of all the clients details
ŒPrevents errors due to systematic process