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International Health Organizations and

Nursing Organizations

• Identify Nursing Organization all over the world

• Discuss function of International Council of
• Discuss the role of World Health Organization
• Elaborate the functions of Pakistan Nursing
Association, Federation and Council
International Nursing Organizations
• American Nurses Association
• Canadian Nurses Association
• Indian Nursing Council
• Japanese Nursing Association
• Nursing Association of Nepal
• Nursing Council of New Zealand
• New Zealand Nurses Organization
• Philippine Nurses Association
Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)
• The PNC is an autonomous, regulatory body
constituted under the Pakistan Nursing
Council Act (1952, 1973) and empowered to
register (license) Nurses, Midwives, Lady
Health Visitors (LHVs) and Nursing Auxiliaries
to practice in Pakistan. PNC was established in
Functions of PNC
• PNC sets the curriculum for the education of Nurses,
Midwives, LHVs and Nursing Auxiliaries.
• PNC inspects educational institutions for approval
based on established standards.
• PNC provides registration (license) to practice.
• PNC maintains standards of education and practice.
• PNC works closely with the four Provincial Nursing
Examination Boards (NEBs).
• PNC plays an advisory role for the overall benefits of
nurses, Midwives, LHVs and Nursing in the country.
Functions of PNC cont…
• PNC maintains an advisory role for the Federal
and Provincial Governments regarding nursing
education and nursing services.
• PNC communicates policy decision regarding
nursing education and the welfare of nurses,
taken in council meeting, to governments Nursing
institutions NEBs and Armed Forces Nursing
services for implementation.
• PNC prescribe penalties for fraudulent (dishonest)
registration by intention of pretense (deception),
and removes person from the register for
professional misconduct.
Pakistan Nurses Federation
• The Pakistan Nurses Federation (PNF) is an
independent non-governmental professional
association of nursing in Pakistan.
• The PNF was registered on July 6, 1972, by the
Assistant Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, Lahore
• PNF consists of branches in cities and districts
across Pakistan. These branches report to the
Provincial Nurses Associations (PNA) in each
province. The PNAs, in turn, communicate directly
with the national body of the PNF.​
Functions of PNF
• To work for the welfare and betterment of nurses,
Midwives and health visitors in Pakistan and AJK.
• To pursue and enter into negotiations with
concerned Government regarding matters
pertaining to the welfare of nurses.
• To advance high ethical and professional
standards among nurses.
• To bring professional knowledge and skills to the
service and care of the sick.
Functions of PNF cont….

• To improve nursing practice through in-service

• To publish a journal providing updated
information in nursing.
• To endeavor to furnish legal aid to members,
within the financial means of the PNF, when
needed by them for the protection of their
professional rights.