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 OPPO smartphones have been launched by BBK electronics which is

China-based organization. The brand was launched in the year of 2004. The
brand is selling Smart Phones in more than 20 countries in the world.
OPPO phones aim to deliver the best class designs and smart technology
to the users.

This helps in understanding the core areas of the business where it beats
the competition and has the competitive advantage in the market.
Strengths are generally the core competency of the business.
 Newer and Better products – OPPO phones come with great features and have
launched first-ever rotating phone camera and many other features which are never
launched by any other phone.
 Brand Building – OPPO phones has collaborated with big celebrities and made them
ambassadors to market the product better and position the phones in the minds of
the customer.
 Quick Market Capture – OPPO has been able to make its name and position in the
market in a very short period of time due to its very exciting features offered to the
 Price Point – The OPPO phones are available at affordable prices which is another
factor which made OPPO phones readily accepted by the consumers in the market.
 Product Line – OPPO has not only being marketing phones but at the same time are
into Blu-ray devices and headphones.
 Parent brand strategy – OPPO phone’s parent brand owns other two famous phone
brands as well which are one plus and Vivo. This depicts that BBK has a very strong
strategy in place to market phones at different segments.

This is the pain area of the organization where it does not have the
resources or skills. Business has to work upon these areas so that they are
not left behind from the competition. Though there will be some or the
other weakness it should not be an area which takes the business pout off
the market.
 Competition – Mobile Phone market is highly competitive and there are numerous
players who are fighting for the same market and hence it becomes very difficult.
 User Interface – The user interface is not made keeping in mind the usage from the
non-tech savvy consumers.
 Poor Post-Sales Support – One of the main disadvantages of buying OPPO series is
that the after sales support extend by the brand is not good. After sales service built
the trust in the brand that in case something goes wrong then service centers are
there to help them out but OPPO has not been able to provide good support to the
customers which inhibit its growth in the market ass customers cannot trust the
 Quality is Poor – The quality provided by the OPPO phones at the price they put is
inferior and hence the tradeoff is clearly seen in the price. Low price low quality.

This helps in understanding what other things a business can do with the
current skills and resources. It helps the business to know the areas where
it can expand and take a lead in order to diversify the business and expand
the customer base.
 Brand Association – OPPO can try to associate with events to market to wider and
different segments of customer that will help to enhance the customer base
 Flagship Products – OPPO can launch newer phones that can compete with other
big market players like Samsung and Apple which will help to increase the visibility of
the brand in the market.

This analysis helps in understanding what are the areas which can impact the
business in future or right away. So business has to prepare itself to handle the
threats in the market landscape. Competition or increasing number of players in
the market with same value proposition is a threat to business as it directly
lowers the customer base and revenue.
 Competition – The mobile phone market is intensively growing and it is getting price
competitive which makes it very difficult to survive in the industry.
 Low Barriers to Entry – The profitability of the mobile phone market attracts new
players in the market which eats away the market share further from the cell phone
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