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(Lost Ancient India )

It is in time we are
 we have seen time with enormous attention
,our idea of time is being connected with the
immediate creation i.e., planet earth and solar
We call it night and after sometime midnight
and sometime day as the planet is revolving
 We must also understand that
human body ,human
possibilities and human destiny
is soo deeply entwined

 if one doesnot understands thi
dharma and doesnot counts this
, then you are spinning eternally
and you spin with planet and do
not know where you are going
 The theory of time takes you into 25000 years back
where they spoke about the speed of light

 "तथा च स्मर्यते र्ोजनानाां सहस्रां द्वे द्वे शते द्वे च र्ोजने एकेन
नननिशार्धेन क्रििाण निोऽस्तु ते इनत” – Rig veda
( It is remembered, [O Sun] bow to you, you who
traverse 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha.)

Today we have arrived at the same number

with all kinds of difficulty and instruments,
and this is by simple observation by how solar
systems and human systems work
 The distances between the sun and the planet and
between moon and the planet and the way we rotate
and the impact it has – all these things are looked in
great care

The most important thing is how making of
the time and maing of the human body is so
deeply connected
• The earth has slightly titled axis and the
constant rotation exerts and causes a circle as
shown and it takes x years and it is called

 432 has significance in many civilizations :
Norse , Egyptian,mesapotonian ,Jewish too

 Circle has 360^
and those 1^ has 60 mins
and is 1 nautical mile
1^=60 mins=1 NM
Hence distance at equator is
21600 that is equal to your
number of breaths
Time is not just invented it is deep rooted in
system .
If we are not in tune with it or vice versa its
not good for us as humans
Description of yogas in Mahabharata and it is
profound science
If you are not tune and not riding time then
you are living a mediocre life or suffering life.

 In yogic science , the orbit of the earth is

divided into 27 segments each of it called
• The moon also has these 27 segmental faces
ranging from Amavasya to Purnima

As the human earth passes onto two padhas ,
the moon makes a complete circle and there is
an interesting relevation to make here

And as this is happening , the human body is

responding and corresponding to that

 In a woman’s body it is obviously there that a cycle
should happen for every 27.55 days she has to be
perfectly healthy .
 Hence it is happening here in us and in solar system
hence pinda and andanda i.e., the microcosm and
macrocosm .
Our solar system also runs arund other big
systems and once our system goes onto
closest to it all the creatures in our system rise
And when it goes away to the farthest point ,
they come to the lowest levelof possibility

lowest level of possibility=Kali yuga

The entire circle of yugas can be depicted as follows

- Arun Sangam