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SWOT Analysis on Sizzlerz

Submitted By:
Anas Ahmed (17539)
Aliyan Shamim(17357)
Areeba Zaidi (17525)
Maria Rasheed(17508) Submitted To:
Ma’am Maryam Saqib

■ Sizzlerz" is a open-roasted, grilled or shallow fried piece of meat, chicken, fish or vegetable
patty, served with french fries,tomatoes, carrots, french beans etc., served on a metal or stone
hot plate, kept on a wooden base.
■ Sizzlerz is a United States-based restaurant chain with locations mainly in California plus
some in the adjacent states of Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon.

■ USP: It is known for Steak, Seafood, and Salad Bar items.(3S)

Facebook Insight of Sizzlerz

■ Enjoys a strong brand image since 1958 (Internationally)

■ Has become a hot spot for students now days
■ Friendly Ambiance
■ Globally present.
■ Sizzlerz is the Innovator of the new "Family Casual" segment
■ Meet the high standards for Healthy Dining
■ Location of the place as it is located in the center of the metropolis making it easy for
people from almost all the areas of the city to visit the restaurant.(SMHC branch).
■ Having discount deal of 50% off on ever second meal you order.
■ Associated with food panda so that the desired meal is delivered to the customers
■ Socially not Active in terms of responding to the query of the customers.
■ Slow service.
■ Congested Space in some of the outlets (Gulshan Branch).
■ In 2000, over 60 people became ill and a young girl died in an outbreak of E. coli
O157:H7(Escherichia coli ) that originated at a Sizzlerz restaurant leading to negative
■ No proper feedback system
■ Increasing awareness regarding healthy food.
■ Can focus on making their food more hygienic so that people can easy consume it without
second thought
■ Adding new food items in their menu with proper market research conducted.
■ Penetration of the brand by Digital medium
■ Influencer marketing
■ Paid blogging.
■ Complaints on the service front
■ Change in mindset towards vegetarian and healthier food
■ Increasing competitor activity
■ Competitors are digitally expending
■ Technology oriented people one bad experience of the customer can lead to dissatisfaction of
the customer which can further lead to Negative Word of mouth (One of the strongest tool in
faming and defaming a brand.)
■ Food inspection authority checking up the food quality in order to makes sure the food serve
to the customer is hygienic
■ Customer choice changes with time
■ Inflation causing decreasing of the Purchase power of the buyer.s
■ Since we are technology oriented people so it would be recommended for the
Sizzlers to move and adopt the digital media platforms to engage more people.
■ Proper feedback system should prevail and supervisor must have strict catch on
■ Services should be quick and individual attention should be given to the customer to
make sure expectation is met and satisfaction of customer is gained
■ Proper CRM system in order to keep tract record of their current customers, and the
customers who switched to other brands
■ CRM systems helps in retaining of the customers.