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Act iv, Scene i

David’s concerns for his master, Acres.
Acres is determined to fight.
Absolute was called by Acres.
Acres requests Absolute to deliver his letter
to Beverly and asked him to be his second in
the duel.
Acres instructs Absolute to create a
frightening image to his enemy.
“Fighting Bob”
Critical comments
Farcical scene made by Acres’s exaggerations
about his courage and sense of honour , when he is
in reality a coward.
David becomes quite a lovable character with his
genuine concern for his master.
He innocently mocks at him and intelligently
argues about the worthlessness of a duel.
His rustic wit, humour, commonsensical views,
and cleverly witty language seems to be higher
character in the play.
Act iv , scene ii
Lydia’s misconception.
Sir Anthony and Captain Absolute call upon
Sir Anthony compels Captain Absolute to
address Lydia.
The truth of the matter is revealed: Captain
Absolute’s confession.
Mrs.Malaprop, Sir Anthony and Lydia are
surprised after discovering the truth.
Act iv , scene ii
Captain Absolute trapped in a difficult
Absolute plays a part of a faithful lover.
Mrs.Malaprop and Sir Anthony returned
after the completion of Absolute’s and
Lydia’s conversation. They found her in
The scene is very relevant in terms of the
development of the plot.
The scene in a way masks the climax of the Lydia-
Absolute love affair.
Since it resolves the complication which had been
building up through out the first three acts.
Lydia’s whimsical character.
Absolute in a pitiable state.
Humour in the scene.
Scenes are managed cleverly.
Captain Absolute is forced to face the Lydia
The delightful pretensions of anger by Sir
Lydia’s frustrated fancies of elopement and
deceiving her Aunt.

Mrs. Malaprop ‘s discomfiture in recalling

that he is the one who called her a “dragon”.
The elements of suspense.
Act iv, scene iii
Sir Lucius challenges Absolute to a duel.
Absolute agrees to take up challenge.
Decided to meet at Kings’s Mead fields at six in
the evening, to fight with small swords since the
light will dim then.
Faulkland comes to meet Captain Absolute.
Faulkland receives a letter from Julia.
Absolute rebukes or upbraids Faulkland.
Act iv, scene iii

Faulkland indulges in his fancies again,he

finally decides to give another test to Julia’s
love, the idea of being Absolute’s second in
the duel.
Critical comments
The hero of the main plot Absolute and hero of
the sub-plot Faulkland are at the serious crisis
in this scene.
Julia-Faulkland conflict.
In this scene, the characters and their affairs
have been so cleverly manipulated than
everything seems set for climax and a
consequent resolution.