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Poetry – poesis

 Poetry is king od language that says more

intensely than ordinary language does.
Apparently, we have to remember five
things about poetry.
a. Poetry is concentrated thought.
b. Poetry expresses all the senses.
c. Poetry is a king of word-music
d. Poetry answers our demand for
e. Poetry is observation plus
Some of the best definitions of

“A poem is a meaningful organization of

words” –Gemino Abad
“The fusion of two poles of mind, emotion, and
thought.” –T.S Eliot
“Poetry is the union of thoughts and feelings.”
–Manuel Viray
“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of the
powerful feelings recorded in tranquility.”
“It is the record of the best and happiest
moments of the happiest and best minds.”
Elements of Poetry
 Sense- revealed through the meaning
of wordds, images and symbols.
a. diction- denotative and connotative
b. Images and sense of impression- sight,
sound, smell, taste, touch, motions and
c. Figure of speech- simile, metaphor,
personification, apostrophe, metonymy,
synechdoche, hyperbole, irony, allusion,
antithesis, paradox, litotes, oxymoron etc
 Sound- is the result of a combination
of elements.
a. Tone color- alliteration, assonance,
consonance, rhyme, repetition, anaphora.
b. Rhythm- ordered recurrent alteration of
syllables per lines, fixed metrical pattern,
or a verse form, quantitative, syllabic,
accentual syllabic.
c. Rhyme scheme- formal arrangement of
rhymes in stanza or the whole poem
 Structure- refers to arrangement of words, and
lines to fit together and the organization of the
parts to form a whole.
a. word order- natural and unnatural
arrangement of words.
b. ellipsis- omitting some words for economy
and effect
c. punctuation- abundance or lack of
punctuation marks
d. shape- contextual and visual design:
jumps, omission of spaces, capitalization, lover
Literary Devices in Poetry

1.Figures of Speech
a. Metonymy- substitute a word that
closely relates to a person or a thing
Examples: The pen is mightier than sword
He lives through the bottle.
I have read all Shakespeare.
By the sweat of our brow, you will
earn your food.
 Synecdoche- uses a part to represent the
Example: No busy hand provoke a tear.
No roving shall crush thee
 Allusion- refers to literary, biblical, historical, mythological,
scientific event, character or place.
Example: The pendelum
Is a thing of thread
To nervous persons like me
It reminds one of swaying Iscariot
Suspended from a tree
 With the groupmates, examine the
location of women in the following
aspects of Philippine culture:
Group 1. Media
Group 2. Politics and government
Group 3. Religion
Group 4. Business and the economy
Group 5. Arts and culture

Organization 10 points

Originality 10 points
Creativity 10 points
Overall Engagement 10 points
Presentation 10 points