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Ideological Rationale

•Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

•Allama Muhammad Iqbal
•Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali
By the end of the class you will be able to
• Know about Ideological rationale of
• Learn the contribution of different great
personalities towards the ideology
• Science of ideas, visionary speculations,
manner of thinking ,characteristic of a
class or individual, ideas on the basis of
some economic, social or political theory
or system is called Ideology. It
contains those ideals, which a nation
strives to accomplish in order to bring
stability to its nationhood. Defining
ideology ,George Lewis says:
"Ideology is a plan or program which is
based upon philosophy".
• Ideology is a motivating force for a nation, which is striving
hard to bring stability and homogeneity to its nation hood.
• Its provide the binding force to the scattered groups in a
society and bring them close to each other on a common
• Ideologies impel their adherence to follow a joint linked
for the accomplishment of their goal.
• Ideologies give shape to the revolutions and create new
cultures and civilizations.
• They stress on their adherents to insist on the realization of
their ideal through total transformation of society.
• An urgent agreement with each other on the ideals is most
vital pre-requisite of an ideology.
Ideology of Pakistan
• Pakistan is an Ideological state and the
ideology of Pakistan is an Islamic ideology.
Its basic principle being:
"The only sovereign is Allah".
• a state where the Muslims should have an
opportunity to live according to the faith and
creed based on the Islamic principles.
• They should have all the resources at the
disposal to enhance Islamic culture and
civilization .

1. Ideology of Pakistan is actually implementation of

Islamic teachings.
2. To maintain and arouse the national dignity and
struggles for unity among Muslim Ummah and Islamic
rule is in fact Ideology of Pakistan.
3. Two-Nation Theory on the basis of Islamic Philosophy
in political and cultural background of Sub-continent is
called ideology of Pakistan.
4. Ideology of Pakistan is actually Islamic ideology.
5. The idea of Muslims, attaining Pakistan was infact
Ideology of Pakistan.
Sir Syed and Ideological Rationale
•Sir Syed Ahmed established
Khan ( 1817 – Aligarh Muslim
1898) University ( 1875)
Initially worked •Founded
for East India Scientific Society
Company as of Aligarh
a Jurist Denounced
•After the 1857 Congress for
Independence being pro-hindu
war , he and established
published “The Muslim League
Causes of Indian •Sir Syed was
Mutiny” criticized by
( Rasala Ulema at the time
asbaab for his approach
baghaawat e towards religion
Hind) – a daring
critique at the
Sir Syed’s Ahmed Khan’s Goal
• Sir Syed’s first and foremost objective was to modernize
the Muslims following the Western cultural values that
could create friendly atmosphere for the two
communities. He motivated his community to learn the
Western philosophy and English literature to get along
with the ruling people. Therefore, in order to fulfill this
desire he started the Aligarh movement. He had two
immediate objectives in view:
• 1) To remove the state of tension between the Muslims
and the British government, and
• 2) To induce them to get jobs and other facilities under
the new government.
• The ideas of Sir Syed may be summed up
as following:
• 1. To create an atmosphere of mutual
understanding between
• the British government and the
• 2. To motivate the Muslims to learn
Western education
• 3. To persuade Muslims to abstain from
agitational politics
Urdu – Hindi Controversy
• Urdu grew as common language of all the
Indians regardless of origin or religion but in
1867 the Benarsi Hindus started campaign to
replace Urdu by Hindi. To gain the objectives,
they declared numerous organizations,
which discouraged Sir Syed who said to
Shakespeare that since now both the nations
could not live together. Later the followers of
Sir Syed tried their level best to save Urdu
language. Mohsin ul Mulk was the outstanding
person who organized the Muslims in defense
of Urdu.
Muslims as a Nation
• Sir Syed used the word ‘nation’ for the Muslims.
Some writers criticize that he declared Hindus
and Muslims one nation. But as a matter of fact,
he advocated the Hindu-Muslim unity that meant
‘the working relationship’ between the two
nations as once he said: “Hindus and Muslims
should try to be of one mind in matters which
affected their progress.” He favored separate
electorate for the Muslims in 1883 saying that
the majority would override the interests of the

• In 1888, he set up the Patriotic

Association to meet the propaganda of
the Congress. Muslims and Hindus joined
Association. It advocated the Muslims’
• In December 1893, Sir Syed founded the
Association. Its main purpose was to
protect the political, religious and social
rights of the Muslims.
Quaid-i-Azam and Ideology of
*Born in 1876
*Early education Sindh
Madrassatul Islam

• Studied Bar at Law in

• On return settled in

* Started political
career in
*1913 joined All India Muslim
* 1916 became Presedent
2nd Round Table Conference
• Quaid-e-Azam believed that Congress and
Hindus would never recognize the rights
of Muslims. He declared while
representing the Muslims in the 2nd Round
Table Conference
“The Hindu Muslim dispute must be settled before the
enforcements of any system or constitution. Until you do not
give guarantee for the safeguard of the Muslim interests until
you do not win their (Muslims) co-operations, any constitution
enforce shall not last for even 24 hours.”
• Quiad-e-Azam was a firm advocate of two
nation theory which became the
ideological basis Pakistan. He considered
the Muslims as a separate nation.
• “Pakistan was created the day the first
He Said, Indian National entered the field of

• ” The Muslims are a nation by every right to

He defined two nation establish their separate homeland. They can
adopt any means to promote and protect
Theory as their economic social, political and cultural

“India is not a nation,nor a country.It is a Sub

Continent of nationalities.Hindus and Muslims
being the two major nations.The hindus and
Muslims belongs to two different
religions,Philosphies,social customs and
literature.They neither intermarry nor interdine and
they belong to two different civilization which are
based mainly on conflicting ideas and
conceptions.Their aspects on life and of are
different.It is quite clear that Hindus and Muslims
derive their inspiration from different sources of
Address in Aligarh University
On March 8,1944 Quaid-i-Azam while
addressing in Muslim University Aligarh, said;
“Actually Pakistan came into being when the
very first Hindu converted into Muslim, it
happened, when there was no rule of
Muslims. The foundation of Muslims is
Kalama-e- Tauheed rather than state or race.
When a Hindu converted his religion he
became a member of separate nation and
new nation came into being.”
• Quaid-e-Azam emphasized on the Islamic
idology as being the basis of the struggle for
Pakistan because he believed that only Islam
was the unifying force of the Muslim
Millat.He said:
• “What relationships knits the Muslims into
one hole ,which is the formidable rock on
which the Muslim edifice has been erected,
which is the sheet anchor providing base to
the Muslim Millat, the relationship, the sheet
anchor and the rock is Holy Quran.”
• In his message to the frontier Muslim
student Federation,he said:
• “Pakistan only means freedom and
independence but Muslims Ideology,which
has to be preseved which has come to us
as a precious gift and treasure and which
we hope,others will share with us.”
• In 1946,Quaid-e-Azam declared:
• “We do not demand Pakistan simply to
have a piece of land but we want a
Laboratory where we could experiment on
Islamic principles.”