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• Management development programs aims
at improving the overall effectiveness of
managers at their existing positions as
well as preparing them for greater
responsibility when they are promoted.
• These programs have become more
prevalent in recent years because of
increasingly complex demands on
Top 10 ways
from a Management
Development Programs

• A good management development program offers you

a chance to take stock of where you’re at. It helps you
gain new awareness of what your operational and
leadership strengths are, and what you can do better.
Fresh Perspectives

• A good management development program is an opportunity

to step outside and take a new look at things. Not only do you
get out of your usual context but benefit from the different
perspectives of expert faculty and from your classmates.
Stroger core operational

• To be a successful manager you need to be

sure you’ve got the nuts and bolts of business
management- they hold everything together.
Better Leadership Skills

• A good management development program provides a

comfortable learning environment to practice and
perfect leadership skills with guidance of program
facilitators and leadership coaching.
Greater awareness of
global trends

• The business world today is infinitely

interconnected. As you take on a greater
responsibility, global trends that are shaping
the future will increasingly influence your
decision making.
Responsible Leadership

• Political, humanitarian and environmental issues are

important factors in the global business environment. This
aim to make a positive difference through corporate social
responsibility and triple bottom line ( people, planet,profits).
Concrete Action Plan

• A good management development program must be extremely

relevant to your real-world challenges. You will develop concrete
action plans with the guidance of expert faculty. You’ll have
immediate return on investment with long term skills
New insights imported
from other industries

• A good management development program should

put you in touch with ideas and strategies from other
industries- both through course material and
interaction with classmates.
Networking with peers to share
knowledge and opportunities

• A good management development program

bring you together with a group of similarly
talented and ambitious managers.
The Desire to push

• Insightful teaching, hands-on experiences and

leadership coaching help you to see new strengths
in yourself that take you to new ambitions.
The 4 C’s
Model for
To evaluate the effectiveness of Human Resource process
within an organization, the researchers have proposed a “ four
C’s model:




• Is the demonstrable characteristics that

enable performance of a job, for properly
doing the job, the individual requires skills
and knowledge essential for the set duties.

• How competent are employees in their work?

• Do they need training performance?
• To what extend do HRM policies attract,
keep, and develop employees with skills and
knowledge needed now and in the future?

• As a “ pledge or promise to do something”

and dedication to a long term course of
action; engagement; involvement”.
• The quality of being excellent; state of
possessing good qualities in an eminent
degree; exalted merit, superiority in virtue.

• How committed are employees to their work

and organization?
• To what extend do HRM policies enhance
commitment of employees to their work

• Is the state achieved by coming together, the

state of agreement.
• The Latin congruo meaning meet together, I
agree. As an abstract term congruence
means similarity between two objects.
• Refers to employees basic compatibility with
their workplaces and specific jobs.

• Is there congruence, or agreement, between

the basic philosophy and goals of the
company and its employees?
• Is there trust and common purpose between
managers and employees?
• What level of congruence between
management and employees do HRM policies
and practices enhance or retain?

• The degree to which something is effective or

productive in relation to its cost.
• Ensures to receive maximum value from your
employees and your HR programs.
• Are HRM policies cost-effective in terms of
wages, benefits,
turnover, absenteeism, strikes, and similar
• how do HRM make judgments about the
long-term consequences of HRM policies on
employee and societal well-being and
organizational effectiveness?
4 C’s Model

• By shaping HRM policies to enhance

commitment, competence, congruence, and
cost effectiveness, an organization increases
its capacity to adapt to changes in its