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Dear all,

Grade: Welcome to
E-learning class 
Islamic studies for Non-Arabs
Teacher: Ms. Hafizah Rabia Basri
Assalam-0-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuh.
I hope you all are doing great.
Welcome back to our Islamic-studies class once again.
Dear Kids, Slide next to read Duaa before starting our
today’s lesson.
Guess the Picture:

What are the actions you

seen in given pictures?
Who will get benefit
from these actions.
(Write your answer in
comment box)
Today we will learn about one of the
chapter about our Islamic Social Moral
Values According to “Noble Hadith ”.

Narrated By: Muslim

By the end of the
lesson students
would know the
main theme/idea
of Hadith Be
What will you learn today? Beneficial.
To understand the meanings of Noble Hadith.
To conclude the useful deeds.
To follow the examples of Allah’s Messenger PBUH
Honorable Hadith
It was narrated that Jabir, May Allah be
pleased with him) said that the Allah's
Messenge1; Peace be upon him) said:
"He who is able amongst you to benefit
his brother should do so."
(Narrated by Muslim)
Story Time
Click on the Link to Watch the
Moral Story
What Moral you get from the Story?
Comment in comment Box.
Dear Children,

Allah's Messenger, Peace be upon him, orders us to take the initiative to

offer help and benefits to others.

Describe following pictures in your words .

Attempt activity One on page number 46 of your textbook volume 02.

Attempt activity Two on page number 49 of your textbook volume 02.

Attempt activity Three on color Paper write five professions which
benefit other more than individuals.
Hadith on Beneficial Deeds

Prophet Muhammad PBUH has said:

“Do not disdain a good deed (no matter

how small it may seem) even if it is
your meeting wit your (Muslim) brother
with a cheerful face.”
Situation 1: Identify the picture
given below and tell the name of
act and its need in present
epidemic situation in our
( Write answer on attached
Situation 2: Illustrate 3 ways how you can
be beneficial as an individual for your
classmates and siblings.

(Write answer on attached worksheet)

Situation:3 Think and tell about little acts
which can be beneficial in the present
situation which is faced by the whole in
the form of “Corona virus”

( Write answer on attached worksheet)

Home Task:
Serve your Parents
and relatives with
good helping nature
and practices which
you learn from this
Shukran 