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Music Appreciation

What does this

piece of music
make you think

Click to listen to
this piece of music.
Music for the Royal
This piece of music is by
George Handel who wrote
it to celebrate the Treaty
of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748.
He was commissioned by
King George II to compose
a piece of music just for a
military band to play
without any stringed
He did as he was asked,
but later included strings
for an indoor performance.
Who Was Handel?
George Frideric Handel, who
was a German composer,
was born in 1685. He lived
most of his life in London,
having trained in Halle,
Hamburg and Italy.
He composed many operas,
anthems and organ
He died in 1759, almost
completely blind. He was a
wealthy and well respected
Your Task
As a group, you are going to produce a short musical
composition representing fireworks.
Consider the following during the planning stage:
•one group member to conduct the group
•clear beginning, middle and end
•vary the dynamics and tempo
•how you will work effectively in a group
•the final performance

Compose and perform

your own music.