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1.Sambit Nayak
2.Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
3.Sonali Mahakud
4.Somya Ranjan Tripathy

Department of Computer Science and Engineering ,

 A security patrolling robot that uses night vision camera for
securing any premises. The robotic vehicle moves on
particular path specified by the owner and is equipped with
night vision camera .
 It uses a predefined line to follow its path while patrolling. It
uses camera while moving.
 The system uses IR based path following system for patrolling
assigned area. It monitors the given area to detect any
intrusion using rotating servo.
 It then scans the area using its camera to detect any human
faces detected. It captures and starts transmitting the images
of the situation immediately when any intruder is detected.

 The idea behind this is to secure the whole area. robot automatically
goes to the particular area and capture the image of that area and
send it to the user. Raspberry Pi connected with the camera plays an
important role in making an automatic robotic system.

In this proposed system, Raspberry pi is installed with the night vision
camera which help the system to go for the automation and help to
find the human or any problem detected using the camera and
according to the capture the image and send it to user using IOT
 This can differentiate between family members and unknown person
and take action/ decision according to that.

Block Diagram


Server client

 In this project IR Sensor is used to make the robot move automatically

following a specific path. 
 PI is used to send the capture image to the person.
 Connect USB camera with raspberry pi
 Connect Lithium-ion power supply for Raspberry pi
 The wifi module in Raspberry pi send data from the robot to client
 Client uses the same network same as robot
 Driver for controlling the wheels of robot

 Raspberry Pi
 Night Vision Camera
 IR Sensor
 Sound Buzzer
 DC Motor ( Robot module)
 SD card
 Monitor
 Servo motor
Software Requirement
 Raspbian
 Python
 Mobaxteme
 balenaEtcher
 Advance ip scanner
 Mysql
 HTML,CSS and PHP/ Android app
How to recognize the face?
We will use the LBPH(Local binary pattern Histogram) algorithm,
present inside OpenCv.
LBPH is made up of 2 things:

For each pixel we will perform the LBP and after that from that
we will create a LBP output Image.

Here we will create a histogram for the each grid of the LBP result.

And from these model can learn and it can predict the face .
Future Work
 In the future this technology can be used in various different fields of work.
 The robot can be made autonomous with the help of more sensor, gyroscope,
compass and a GPS. So that it can be set to a target or a specific area where
in can monitor.
 Adding the Pneumatics design in Mechanical so robot can go up and down, can
hold the object.
 By making above changes robot can do more functions as Open the door, Turn
on/off switch, bring newspaper for user, etc.
 Can be used in different Areas like shopping mall , farming , forest
department ,parking lots etc.
 According to this system, whole area surveillance
is done using the camera and human interruption
is not required and it will follow the particular
path and go to that area and capture the picture
of the area and send using Pi. This system is an
automatic smart way for patrolling.
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