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Rivals Typical 24-months client’s total expense*

Total Expense

Call Me Maybe 1291,036 Cheapest in the market

Hello 1933,28
TTYD should be
Hotline Bling 3831,8 0,5 * 1291,036

One Call Away 1826,968

645,518 or less
Payphone 6008,6

*Refer to excel sheet Single User 24 months

TTYD Package Our Total Revenue
We offer a TTYD plan From our package, we counted that
package. The total revenue the maximum revenue for single user
in 24-months period would be
from single user still 645.20624€ and the total maximum
645.20624 € (refers to excel revenue would be 499067,0266€
sheet TTYD Plan 24-months)
We multiple 645.20624 with 773.5
[demand calculated with D(E) =
The additional incentives 1210*0.5^E/100] for calculation
would be : accuracy.

First 3-months of usage in

1st year will be free. The profit from single user then
would be 173,64624€ (645.20624-
First 3-months of usage in 471.5)
2nd year will be free.
Total profit
November, 2nd year will be
173.646*773.5 = 134315.181
free because of Latvian
Independence Day in
Base 11,99€

Minutes 280

Extra 0,009€

SMS 200

Extra SMS 0,0036€

Data 1250 MB

Extra MB 0,007€
Break-Even Analysis

TTYD only needs 1,118 clients which can be rounded to 2 clients

to hit the point of Break-Even.
For the calculation refer to excel sheet BEP Analysis
Recommendation for Marketing

TTYD extra price for The segment of 26-45

minutes,SMS, and data is
very low compared to other and >45 combined is
competitor. Marketing 60% of the total
should promote the extra market size.
price and give clients
better understanding about These two market
the price and value offered needs to be the
by TTYD.
target, because the
Reaching demand as high as
possible is a must for TTYD package is maximized
the make up for the 50% to the minutes of
threshold because of the calling as they
prioritize it.