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What should the e- Types strategy be going forward ?

Should they continue to prefer Edgy work and build a
reputation for that ? Or should they grow up and
broaden their approach to appeal to move clients?
Remember, this is an ambitious company they want to
grow large ,but growth costs money what directions
will allow them to full fill their ambitious? Can they
make enough money being edgy ?Or most they
broaden their appeal to grow?
The Deciding factor In deciding
which designs e-Type should
present to team Denmark, we must
ask ourselves the pertinent
question: What kind of company is
e-Type and why are they in
Business? Are they:
1.A company that does what the
client wants because of profit,
regardless of the core values of
the company or
2.A company that challenges the
client by creating designs that
both they and the client can be

E-Type should present the Edgy Design to

Team Denmark
Reasons for Recommendation E-type is a
design company that was built with the
desire to be different from their
competitors by doing things differently
with their designs My recommendation is
made based on Henry Mintzberg’s
definition of: - Strategy as a Perspective

e-Type over the years has become a successful and profitable

company with an expanding base of International clients
because of it’s unique method of doing business with it’s
clients: - They try to understand the Business Identity of
their client, in order to enhance the client’s identity with
their brand designs - They dig deep into the soul of the
client’s company to learn what the company is about before
creating a design for the client - They create designs that
speak of what the client had prior to then, only thought
about, but had no expression for - Every employee of e-Type
works with the personality of the company, a personality
that has established over the years: To be different
Generally e-Type does not go into business with a client with
the intention to conform to the suggested norm, rather they
look forward to creating designs that challenges the norm: a
design that beats the imagination of the client and makes
the client happy. This is e-Type’s trade mark This has been

E-type executive decided to go into business making

designs that can be termed ‘Smash the World’
designs. Thus it’s designs can be described as: -
Extremely Edgy - Extremely revolutionary And
because it is a company that is recorded to be
successful, profitable and expanding it is safe to say
that they have effectively convinced a sufficient
amount of client that ‘Edgy’ and ‘Revolutionary’
designs are the way to go. Therefore we can conclude
that there is no adverse shortage of both currencies
which the company runs on, which are: • Money/Cash
flow and • Prestige/Doing something great

1. Edgy design is their style of ‘Smash the World’ design they are
already known and respected for
2. The reputation they have built so far as being revolutionary
with designs, will remain in tact
3. Their design will be a point of differentiation from their
4. The designers are happy because they would not have
conformed to the norm
1. The chances of getting the Denmark Sports Logo project
2. Appealing to a larger client base will be slim if they always
insist of Edgy ideas

One of two things could happen:

1. e-Type may present this Edgy style of design and the
client would appreciate it and see it as something new
Team Denmark needs to boost their brand and visibility,
2. e-Type may not win the competition by presenting the
radical/edgy design. Neither might they appeal to clients
who prefer traditional and conservative types of designs.
If option two is the case, then we can view the Team
Denmark project as one of many trade-offs waiting to
happen. Which is not a bad thing . According to Michael
Porter, a sustainable strategic position requires Trade-
offs ‘…without trade-offs, companies will never achieve
 In order for e-Type to maintain it’s position as an
edgy and revolutionary design company, it has to
ensure that the choices it makes about what to do
on every given situation interacts and supports
each other. There has to be a fit between it’s inner
capabilities as a company and it’s external
opportunities What e-type would need to do, is
adopt the ‘Need-based Position’ approach and work
with clients who have similar ideas and who
demands their type of designs Winning the
competition is not why e-Type is in Business,
instead they are in Business to make a difference in
the World of Design as we know it.