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Ford Vietnam Celebrates 5th Anniversary of No Honking Campaign, Promoting Driving Safety
Recently, Ford Vietnam has marked 5 years of No Honking Campaign and 10 years of Driving Skills For Life programme with the first time ever
“Honking Show”. As a combination of traffic safety interactive games and music concert, all activities in the event were built upon the inspiration
of No Honking Campaign and additionally engaged 10 well-known young artists to voice about safe driving. Not only highlighting the long term
commitment of No Honking Campaign in Vietnam, “Honking Show” also underpins Ford vision of empowering young people to promote traffic
safety to the future generation.

Taking place at both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the event drew the attendance of thousands of young people. 66 top-tier media outlets,
including Dan Tri, Gia Dinh Vietnam, AutoPro and L’Officiel have covered this content before, during and after the show. As for broadcasting,
“Honking Show” have made its impressive appearance on 04 national TV channels namely HTV7, HTV9, Hanoi TV, and VTC1. On social media, 15K
people hit ‘going’ and ‘interested’ for the two events. More than 40 event-related posts have been supported by Ford Vietnam and No Honking
across all channels and have approximately totaled 5000 positive reactions. “Honking Show” livestreaming video in Hanoi reached 500
interactions, 84 shares and noticeably hit 15K views to date. Moreover, performing artists of the show also contributed 11 posts and 30K
supportive responses in total, helping spread the message of traffic safety and attract their young fans to the event.



23K positive reactions 3.2K positive reactions 1.5K positive reactions

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K0 Coi:
• Founded in 2012 as a part of ‘Driving Skills For Life’ (DSFL) campaign, K0 Coi (No
Honking) is a long-term campaign that aims at raising awareness towards traffic
safety by Ford Vietnam.
• Via an creative and friendly approach, K0 Coi desires to draw social attention to the
ongoing traffic landscape in Vietnam, through which driving behaviours of traffic can
be gradually adjusted.
• We have collaborated with young artists to voice opinions on a ‘civilised traffic
culture’ through various forms of works of art.

Coi Show:
• Coi Show marks 5 years of K0 Coi and 10 years of DSFL pursuing the ultimate goal of
a more civilised traffic in Vietnam.
• As a CSR event, Coi Show combines both educational and entertaining activities to
promote traffic safety
• Under Ford’s core values, Coi Show opens up a journey ahead where social projects
will be run by the youth and in the interest of the youth.