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Expression of

degree of certainty and

What is certainty and uncertainty?
• Certainty is the state of being completely confident or having no
doubt about something

• Uncertainty is when nothing ever decided or sure

Expressing certainty

Asking Questions Responses

• Are you certain that ........? • Yes, I’m certain
• Are you certain about .... ?
• Yes, I’m sure
• Are you sure that .........?
• Are you quite sure that .........? • Yes, I’m quite sure
• Are you quite sure about ........? • I have no doubt about it
• There’s no doubt in your mind, right? • Definitely/ certainly
• Definitely?
• I’m positive about it
• Positive?
• Really?
Expression of certainty:
• He is absolutely coming tomorrow
• Obviously/Surely/Absolutely Anna is in love with Rian

• To be + Adverbs of certainty + verb
• Adverb of certainty + subject
Expressing of certainty: Asking
A Case: Your sister tells you that she knows how to make a
Fried chicken. Ask for certainty!
a. Are you sure that you can make a fried chicken? (Yes, I’m sure)
b. Are you really certain that you can make a fired chicken?
c. Do you think that you can make a fried chicken?
Second Case: Your friend tells you that Linda will get merried on
Saturday this week
Expression of possibility
• I think it is going to rain
• I expect Linda will not come to class today
• It’s quite possible/probable ........
• It’s quite likely ...........
• Maybe/ perhaps.......
• Linda seems/looks/likely sad today
• I assume .....
• I predict ......
Responses of uncertainty
• (sorry), I’m not (really) sure that .....
• I’m in two minds about ....
• I can’t decide ....
• I’m not at all certain about ...
• I doubt that ....
• I doubt
• A case : Your friend ask you to go to the cinema with her today and
says: Do you want to go to the cinema with me today?
• Response: I doubt that I can go to the cinema with you
Expression of impossibility
• I don’t think ....
• I don’t expect ....
• It’s impossible ....
• Probably not!
• Impossible!
• No way!
• There’s no way!
• Surely not
• I can’t.....
It’s time to practice!
Are you sure about that?
1. The sky is purple
2. Spaghetti is the topping of a pizza
3. Summer is a great time to visit the beach
4. Learning English is quick and easy
Write two paragraphs about what your future will be or might be like.
The first paragraph should be about your near future – the next
semester or the next year. Your will probably be somewhat certain of
the events in this time period. The second paragraph should be about
your life far in the future. You might want to think about your life five or
ten years in the future. These are events you will probably be less
certain about. When writing, you should include some things you are
sure about and some things you are unsure about in each paragraph
about your future