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Document No.

:A8VO0303-REV00 DHIM C/S

A8VO Rexroth Pump Theory

New Solar V

Customer Support Team

Preface DHIM C/S

Effective Model

Your Story DHIM C/S

You have a bank account and it can pay you max 1000 USD every month.
And your wife spends your money.

Every month your wife requests money to you but the amount changes. If
your wife wants 250 dollars, you SHOULD give her only 250 dollars. No
more, never.. Why? Because she may spend the extra money uselessly..

By the way, this month your wife requests 1200 dollars. If you give 1200
dollars you will bankrupt. So you SHOULD cut the money to your wife
within 1000 dollars.

So can I say you have two rules in managing your financing monthly?
They are 1) you have to meet your wife’s request but 2) sometimes you
have to cut the money not to bankrupt..

Am I right?
Pump Story DHIM C/S

There is a system composed of engine, hydraulic pump and others

including an operator. The engine can give max 100PS of power to the
pump and the maximum oil amount which the pump can convert with
100PS of power is max 130 liters per minute.
If the operator wants to use only 20 liters, the pump SHOULD discharge 20
liters. No more, never, because the extra discharged oil is never helpful to
the operator.
By the way, if the operator wants more oil amount that the pump can
discharge at that moment considering the engine output power, the pump
has to cut the discharging oil amount not to give any burden to the engine.
So can I say that the pump has two rules in controlling the discharging oil
amount like as you?

What are they?

Story Comparison DHIM C/S

Bank Account (Savings) Engine (Power)

Your wife (Money request) Operator (Flow Request)

Dollars Flow

You Pump

Following your wife request Negacon Control

Concerning Bankrupt Power Control

Sub Parts Denomination DHIM C/S

1. Negacon Piston (Yellow)

2. Power Control Piston & Sleeve (Re
d & Brown)
⑨ 3. Compensation Spool (Dark Green)
4. Power Shift piston & Sleeve (Gree
n & Sky Blue)
⑥ ② ① 5. Servo Piston (Blue)

⑩ 6. Input Power Adjustment (Red)

⑪ ⑤ ③ ④ ⑦
7. Hydraulic Stroke Limiter (Red)
⑫ 8. Power Shift Valve
9. Pilot Pump Relief Valve

10. Power Compen. Springs
11. Pilot Pump
⑤ ③ ①
⑩ 12. Front Pump Rotary Group
⑥ ② ④ ⑦ 13. Rear Pump Rotary Group
Negacon ? DHIM C/S
▶ Center Bypass Line

Negacon Pressure

Pump Flow
Spool Stroke

▷ Foot Relief valves?

Negacon Control DHIM C/S

▶High Negacon Pressure

HIGH Negacon => LOW Flow (Qi)

Negacon Control DHIM C/S

▶Low Negacon Pressure

Low Negacon => HIGH Flow (Qi)

Power Control (Cross Over Control) DHIM C/S

▶High Pump Average Pressure

P = (P1+P2)/2
=> Pd

PS = P*Q/450

High Pd => Low Pump Flow (Qd)

Power Control (Cross Over Control) DHIM C/S

▶Low Pump Average Pressure

P = (P1+P2)/2
=> Pd

PS = P*Q/450

Low Pd => High Pump Flow (Qd)

Flow Determination DHIM C/S


+ =

Qfinal = Min (Qi, Qd) * (actual rpm/1900)

Power Control DHIM C/S

▶Power Shift Control

Power Control DHIM C/S

▶Power Shift Control (continued)




Condition Input Current Output Press

Power Mode Actual > Target – (100~150 rpm) 600 mA Below 5 k
Actual < Target – (100~150 rpm) ↓, till become same ↑, till become same
STD Mode Regardless of 0 mA 18 k
Section Drawing DHIM C/S

⑨ ⑧ ①

⑨ ⑤
Adjustment DHIM C/S

▶ Inner Regulating parts Array

③ Compen. Spool… ④ Power Shift piston…

⑦ Hyd. Stroke Limiter

② Power Control ① Negacon piston…


⑥ Input Power adjustment

Adjustment DHIM C/S

▶ Input Power

▶ Negacon

▶ Qmax
Question DHIM C/S

▷ Engine Speed : 1900 rpm

▷ Standard Mode
▷ Front Pump
- Negacon Pi,f = 20 bar
- Pump press Pf = 250 bar
▷ Rear Pump
- Negacon Pi,r = 8 bar
- Pump press Pr = 150 bar

☞ Qf = ?, Qr = ?

☞ At 2100 rpm, Qf & Qr ?

☞ What if, at Power Mode?