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Introduction to the poem

This poem is a lyric. It is a musical poem. It explores the poet’s

longing for the peace and tranquility of Innisfree, a place where
he spent a lot of time as a boy. Innisfree is the name of a place. It
is a very quiet place and that is the reason the poet wants to go
there. He had spent his childhood in this place. He has very sweet
memories of that place, that is why he wanted to go back to the
lake island of Innisfree.
Tone of the poem
The Lake Isle of Innisfree written by W.B. Yeats in 1888 is a twelve
line poem composed of three quatrains. It reveals the Poet’s
nostalgia for the peace and tranquility he enjoyed on the lake Isle
during childhood. This desire to lead a simple life on the quiet
island also presents the poet’s dislike for humdrum of life in cities
and tons. So deep are the emotions of the poet that he can, in his
mind, hear the waves striking against the banks of the lake.
Theme of the Poem
The poem revolves around the idea that the idyllic life in the countryside with beautiful,
peaceful and natural surroundings give much more pleasure than life in cities with its
noise and din, sound and fury. The poet who had, during his boyhood, spent his
summers on the green and watery landscape of the lake Isle of Innisfree, feels a deep
longing to shun the city life and to settle down in the
peaceful environment on the Island.
A simple life with only a few simple needs
will be more delightful than the
complicated and hectic life in the city.

Central Idea of the Poem

In the poem, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" the poet is tired of city life and wants to
spend the rest of his life with nature.
He believes that nature will provide
him peace and this nature or peace
will be present in the lake Isle of Innisfree. Poet (people) is tired of city life and
wants to be with nature. The city life is full of busyness and tiredness. The poet
can even hear the lake water lapping the Shore while standing on the grey
payments and roads.
Appropriateness of the Title
The title of the poem refers to the place the poet longs to go to.
An actual place in country
Sligo, Ireland, Innisfree has a deep
fascination for the poet who visited
this place time and again during his
young days. The title makes us
curious about the dreamy and
picturesque place and get
anxious to know what the
poet has to say about it.
Rhyme Scheme
The rhyme scheme followed in this
poem is ab ab.
Poetic Devices
1.Alliteration: The repetition more closely placed words is called alliteration. The
instances of alliteration in the poem are –
a.‘hive’, ‘honey bee’ - ‘h’ sound is repeated;
b.‘lake’, ‘lapping’, ‘low’ - ‘l’ sound is repeated
2.Repetition: ‘I will arise and go now’ is repeated in stanza 1 and 3
3.Personification: morning is personified
4.Metaphor: clouds are compared to veils
Match the following words with their correct meanings
Cabin : weak light
Glade : an insect
Wattles : a small grey and brown bird with
short beak
Cricket : tree branches
Glimmer : a vegetable
Veils : hit gently
Linnet : weak light
Bean : small hut
Pavement : grass – covered area with the trees
Arise : the cloth covering something
Lap : get up