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Design, Model and

Document Process

Topics – Day3
• Piping Overview
• Ribbon menu
• Routing Basics
• Routing from equipment
• Adding Branches
• Adding Valves
• Adding Instrumentations

Piping Overview
Open Chapter 5 and Open Drawing 1
Piping Tools explanation: Route Pipe, Line number, Spec
viewer, P&ID Line list, Custom Part
AutoCAD Line to Pipe, Compass, Elevation and Routing

Pipe Routing Basics
On screen tools: Compass, Grips and Dynamic inputs
Open Drawing 2, Choose size, Spec and assign a new line number
Route a pipe in top view and change its plane (explain compass)
COP, BOP and TOP with Properties dialog box
Pipe sitting in Pipe rack – BOP Elevation
Dynamic function – Placing pipes inside model, branch connections

Routing Basics

Route Pipe from Equipment
• Route the pipe with nozzle using continue pipe grip. Plant 3D
will select your automatic flange connection.
Open Drawing 3, Select the pump 503-B
Change the line number as 100, size 6” and 300#
From suction nozzle run 36” with dynamic input
Using compass change direction to upward with 15’ distance
Change direction to right plane with 30’ distance
Route Pipe from Equipment

Route Pipe from Equipment
Select the vertical vessel nozzle 6” and 150#. Change spec
Assign a new line number, Route from vertical vessel to horizontal
Select the nozzle, drag continue pipe routing
Fitting to Fitting connection (Flange and Elbow), route 6’
horizontally, upward 17’ and drag a pipe line up to horizontal
vessel N1 nozzle with object snap tracking tool

Edited Model

Route Pipe from Equipment
Continue the Pipeline upward 12’. Change spec CS300
Manually place 300# flange and reducer to the nozzle
Check the reducer size from the properties
Change the spec CS150 and continue the pipe connect with
reducer using Auto connect option
Continue the Pipeline from the discharge of the pump 14’ upward
and 30’ right side

Route Pipe from Equipment

Adding Branches
Open Drawing 4, Set to Top view
Draw a pipe and select it to see the grips
Continue the pipe from the elbow grips
Dynamic inputs for branches
On Perpendicular snap while creating by pass line

Adding Branches
Draw a continue line from the elbow
of pump discharge line
Auto connect with other pump
discharge line
Like above create a branch line for
pump suction also

Adding Branches
Select a Sockolet CS300 from the tool
palette and place it in pump suction
Change the size to 6’ x ¾”
Change the spec to CS150 and route a
pipe for 4”
Repeat this for other pump
Create a stub in connection
Connect bypass line 14
Adding Valves
To add valve, drag and drop from the tool palette, it will resize
automatically with respect to the pipeline. Open Drawing 5
Drag check valve 300# and place in pump discharge, now the flange
added automatically. Place Gate valve also
Delete the valves and pipeline.
Place manually and continue pipe

Adding Valves
Select threaded gate valve and add in the sample location and add
plug to the line
Assign tag – DV 001 for drain valves
Assign tag for check & gate valves
Copy to another pump (pick common pt.)
Connect component to adjacent for gasket
Extend the pipeline and change the tag
Adding Valves
Add GV bevelled to the stub in pipe
Place GV 300# with 7’ distance
Explain about Valve grips
Add GV in vertical vessel line
Change by pass line to 4” (Properties)
Place 4” Globe Valve, assign tag

Adding Instrumentation
V2018 onwards Instrumentation palette in Tool Palette
Open Drawing 6, Place Flow meter 150#
Place 6 x 1 inch threadolet, FPT from spec viewer
Place Pressure gauge threaded
Place Pressure gauge Flanged