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OAAM Migration for Ehealth Ontario

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 OAAM Migration Background

 Starting Point

 OAAM Migration Approach

 Q&A
OAAM Migration Background

Currently Ehealth, Ontario is using Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) 11gR1 as risk
profiling and multifactor authentication solution. MFA solution is built on windows platform. The
purpose of OAAM migration is
 Migrate adaptive services from Windows to Linux platform
 OAAM 11gR1 is not supported version by Oracle, Hence migrating OAAM to 11gR2 PS3
Starting Point
As per Oracle guidelines minimum supported version for upgrade to OAAM 11gR2
OAAM Migration Approach

 Upgrade Oracle WebLogic Server 10.x.x to Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6.

 Upgrade Oracle Home to
 Upgrade MDS schema and Audit schema using Patch Set Assistant.
 Run Oracle Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create
and load OPSS schema for Oracle Identity and Access Management
 Extend your OAAM domain with the OPSS template.
 Upgrade Oracle Platform Security Services.
 Run the configuresecuritystore.py script to configure policy stores.
 Upgrade the OAAM schemas.
 Redeploy the applications on OAAM Servers.
 Restart the servers.
 Complete the post-upgrade tasks if required. ( Deploying extensions)
 Build OAAM 11gR2 PS3 on Linux environment freshly
 Migrate OAAM policies using database utility
 Migrate OAAM user profile data using database utility
 Migrate database keys
 Migrate extension war