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Problem Management Training


Problem Management

RCA Definition

5 Why technique & RCA form

How to update Remedy Problem Ticket

Checklist for updating a Problem Record

Problem Tickets Update Frequency & Remedy Life Cycle Status


Prevent Problems and resulting incidents from happening

Eliminate recurring incidents

Minimise the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

Derive realistic actions with timelines(target dates) for problem records to eliminate
cause of the problem.

Maintain problem backlog as low as possible and achieve all targets as agreed with
What is Problem Management ?

Problem Management minimizes the adverse impact of incidents

and Problems on the business caused by errors in the IT infrastructure
and prevents recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

Definition of Root Cause Analysis : A Structured Investigation That Aims To

Identify The True Causes Of A Problem.

Without Actions Necessary To Eliminate The Cause of the Problem a RCA

is useless!

CAPA( Corrective and Preventive Action)

Corrective action is the action to eliminate the causes of a detected nonconformity or other
undesirable situation in order to prevent recurrence
Preventive action is the action to eliminate the causes of a potential nonconformity or other
undesirable potential situation in order to prevent its occurrence.
Five Why technique

• Simple and easy to remember

• Good Rule of thumb
• RCA Depth Check


The CNC Machine keeps failing.

• Why 1 – Q) Why did the equipment fail?

A) Because the circuit board burnt out.

• Why 2 – Q) Why did the circuit board burn out?

A) Because it overheated.

• Why 3 – Q) Why did it overheat?

A) Because it wasn’t getting enough air.

• Why 4 – Q) Why was it not getting enough air?

A) Because the filter wasn’t changed.

• Why 5 and Root Cause – Q) Why was the filter not changed?
A) Because there was no preventive maintenance schedule in place informing the operator to do so.

O2 Ireland RCA Template : Microsoft Office

Word 97 - 2003 Document
How to update Problem Record in Remedy

The following Fields within the Remedy Problem Record must be completed by Resolver Group(s)
5 Why RCA Form to be attached to Remedy with realistic actions and target dates by Resolver Group(s)
Checklist for Resolver teams on updating a Problem record

Completed 5 Why RCA form with clear actions.

Action items (Corrective/Preventative actions) must have target dates.

Remedy PT should be updated with

• Work around

• Root cause identified

• Resolution identified

• Resolution Implemented

• Closure Details
Problem ticket Update Frequency Remedy Life Cycle Status

Problem tickets should be updated with new information

P1: Twice a week

P2: Once a week

P3: Once every 10 working days

P4: Once every 3weeks

P5: Once a Month

Remedy Life Cycle Status

Awaiting Investigation:
Initial Status when the Problem record is created

RCA in Progress:
Technical team is actually doing an analysis in the problem record to identify the root cause of
the problem and find actions require in order to implement a permanent fix and avoid a

Know Error:
Ticket will be put in this status once a workaround is found and a permanent solution is on held
due to technical, resource or financial reasons

Once the root cause has been indentified but it is waiting for a finance decision

Work in progress:
Once root cause has been indentified and finance has been received, The technical resources are
working to implement a permanent solution.
CR Pending or Project Pending:
All work has been done and resolution is waiting for a change or project implementation.

Waiting test:
Next status after CR of Project has been implemented.

In Test:
Test is running in order to verify that the solution is working and no reoccurrence is happen.

Once the test has been completed successfully, problem is set to this status awaiting for closure
by the Problem Manager.

Problem Manager will close the problem after revision of the information provided.5 Why RCA
for all problem records with clear actions and Major Closure Problem closure report for P1 & P2
tickets is mandatory to be completed by technical team before problem closure.