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ð ½hat is ³human resource´?

ð How they are different from other managerial resources?

ð HRM is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of

the procurement, development, compensation,
maintenance, and separation of Human resources so that
individual, organizational and social objectives are

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ð pool Vs. asset (mutual goals, rewards, responibility,)
ð PM precedes HRM
ð PM and HRD part of HRM
ð Reactive vs. proactive
ð Level of trust
ð Monitoring vs.nurturing
ð Division of labor vs. teams
ð praining vs. knowledge management

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ü Yttainment of goals
ü Utilize the available human resources effectively
ü Employees¶ job satisfaction
ü Maintain the quality of work life (Q½L)
ü Maintain ethical policies and behavior (Code of ethics)
ü Maintain cordial relations between employees and
ü po reconcile individual goals with organizational goals
(boredom instead of development; job profiles)
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Managerial perative
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ð Planning

ð rganizing

ð Directing

ð Controlling

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ð Procurement

ð Development

ð Compensation

ð Maintenance

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ð Control
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ü Line Vs Staff Yuthority:

´ Line Managers

´ Staff Managers

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mportant functions of HR manager:

ü Line function

ü Coordinative function (pop management)

ü Staff function (various benefit programs;

health and safety insurance, retirement
benefits, vacation)
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ü phe conscience Role (Humanitarian)

ü phe counsellor
ü phe mediator
ü phe Spokesperson
ü Change agent

Ynother 4 categories:
ü HR Role
ü ½elfare role
ü Clerical role
ü Legal role prince dudhatra-9724949948

ü Supervisor/ officer level

ü Junior management level

ü Middle management level (implement)

ü Senior management level (formulate)

ü General manager level

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ü Communication skills

ü peaching skills

ü Discriminating skills (bus, labor vs. executives)

ü Leadership skills

ü Professional attributes- patience, understanding,

ability to listen before offering advice, knowledge
of other disciplinesprincetoo.
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ü Globalization trends

ü pechnological trends (recruitment and


ü prends in nature of work ± High-tech jobs,

Service jobs(J p), Knowledge workers and
human capital

ü ½orkforce Demographic trends

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ü Strategic HRM

´ Strategic planning

SHRM is Ôormulating and Executing HR

policies and practices that produce the
employee competencies and behaviors the
company needs to achieve its strategic

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ü Creating High performance work systems:

´ Use of technology- self service, call

centers, utsourcing
´ Effective HR practices
´ High performance work systems :Selective
hiring, self managed teams, information
sharing, performance based pay systems

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ü Measuring HR team¶s performance:

measurable evidence of the efficiency of

HR Dept.

´ Quantitative performance measures i.e.

MEpR CS like absence rate, Cost per hire,
turnover rate

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Human resource activity

Employee behavior

Company performance and

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