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The development of cataract in uncontrolled

diabetes mellitus can be explained by the
following in the lens of the eye EXCEPT?

A. Insulin independent entry of glucose

B. Presence of Aldose reductase
C. Accumulation of sorbitol
D. High sorbitol dehydrogenase activity
2. Premature infants are more prone to develop
hypoglycemia for the following reasons

A. Decreased level of PEPCK

B. Poor intestinal absorption rate
C. Low hepatic glycogen stores
D. Inability to produce and utilize ketone
3. Which among the following is an observation
in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?

A. 10% of the diagnosed diabetics

B. Frequency of ketosis is common
C. Hyperosmolar state is an acute condition
D. Patients are frequently undernourished
4. Which among the following statements is
FALSE regarding Type 2 Diabetes mellitus?

A. A state of combination of insulin resistance

and β- cell dysfunction
B. Metabolic alterations are milder when
compared to Type 1
C. Eventual need for insulin therapy
D. Early in disease plasma insulin levels are low
5. High blood insulin levels with normal blood
glucose levels is observed in which among the
following conditions?

A. Obesity
B. Type 2 diabetes mellitus
C. Impaired glucose tolerance
D. Gestational diabetes mellitus
6. Which among the following is NOT a
diagnostic criterion for the diagnosis of diabetes?

A. 2-hr post-glucose load value of OGTT is more

than 200mg/dl even at one occasion
B. 1-hr post-glucose load value of OGTT is more
than 160mg/dl even at one occasion
C. Random plasma sugar is >200mg/dl on more
than one occasion
D. HbA1c more than 6.5% at any occasion
7. Which among the following is NOT a
diagnostic criterion for metabolic syndrome?

A. BP more than 130/85 mm Hg

B. Fasting glucose more than 100mg/dl
C. TG more than 150mg/dl
D. HbA1c more than 6.5%
8. What is the estimated average glucose level
in mg/dl for HbA1c of 6%?
A. 100
B. 125
C. 150
D. 200
9. A blood sample is taken from a man after he
has eaten four idlies. Which one of the following
will be at a higher concentration than if the
blood sample had been taken after an overnight

A. Alanine
B. Glucagon
C. Insulin
E. Nonesterified fatty acids
10. Which one of the following statements
about fasting metabolic state is correct?

A. Adipose tissue synthesizes glucose from the

B. Adipose tissue synthesizes ketone bodies
C. Ketone bodies provide the main fuel for the
central nervous system
D. Gluconeogenesis takes place in liver from
amino acids