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A study published in Pediatrics magazine
has suggested that giving young children
just one egg a day for six months,
alongside a diet with reduced sugar-
sweetened foods, may help them achieve
a healthy height and prevent stunting.
Answer the following:
1. Why do we need to eat eggs?
2. What are the benefits we can get
from eggs?
3. As a student, what is your
preference on your cooked egg?
4. Can you prepare and cook your own
egg dish?
Group Activity
•List down the Ingredients that can be
used in preparing an egg dish.
•Write your answers in a manila paper.
• Explain what variety of egg dish is
appropriate for the ingredients written.
Criteria 5 points 3 points 1 point
Participation All members did One or two members Three or more
participate. did not participate. members did not

Discipline All members are One or two members Three or more

working silently. are making members are
unnecessary noise. making
unnecessary noise.

Explanation The statement is The statement is The statement is

  fully explained. explained. lacking of

Promptness First group who Group that finished Last group/s who
  finished the the task after the finished the work.
  work. time allotted

Total points 20 points

1. OBSERVE cleanliness.
2. REMOVE all your hand accessories.
3. WASH your hands properly.
4. WEAR complete working outfit.
5. PROPER handling of tools should be
observed to avoid accidents.
1. Each group will pick a recipe that they will cook.
2. Each group will be given 20 minutes to prepare and cook an egg dish.
3. The group will make documentations of their activity procedures.
4. The group activity will be guided with the following rules:

a. Follow the procedure properly and observe sanitary procedure.

b. A 20 minutes to make the output.
c. In presenting the output, you have to identify the ingredients used
in preparing egg dish.
d. Do not make any noise while doing the task