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Teaching as a Vocation

and Mission
- D E S I D E R AT A
Learning Outcome:
 Explain teaching as a vocation and mission.
Let’s Discuss!
o Go to your groups.
o Name your Group.
o Discuss your answers to the following questions.
o Share it in the class.
When a mother says, “I think my son has a vocation,”
what does she mean?

A soldier reports and says, “Mission accomplished.” What

does this imply? What does he mean?

Some teachers regard teaching as just a job. Others see it

as their mission. What’s the difference? (Read Teaching:
Mission and/or Job)
Let’s Ponder!
1. What is meant by vocation? mission?
2. Are these two (vocation and mission) related?
3. Teaching as a job or a mission. What’s the difference?
Teaching as a Vocation
 Latin word “vocare”  to call
 Vocation means a call
 Vocation refers to a call to do something like to teach…
Whatever is our calling… the call is always to serve.
Mary said:
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done to me according to your
Teaching as a Mission
 Latin word “mission”  to send
 “task assigned” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)
 You are sent to accomplish an assigned task.
 You were called for a purpose, i.e. to accomplish a mission while
on earth which is to teach.
What exactly is the mission to teach?
Is it merely to teach the child the fundamental skills
or basic r’s of reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and right
Is it to help the child master the basic skills so he/she
can continue acquiring higher-level skills in order to
become a productive member of society?
Is it to deposit facts and other information into the
“empty minds” of students to be withdrawn during
quizzes and tests?
Or is it to “midwife” the birth of ideas latent in the
minds of students?
Is it to facilitate the maximum development of his/her
potential not only for himself/herself but also for
In the words of Alfred North Whitehead, is it to help
the child become “the man of culture and of
Or is it “to provide opportunities for the child’s
growth and to remove hampering influences” as
Bertrand Russell put it?
To teach is to do all these and more!

To teach is to influence every child

entrusted in your care to become better
and happier because life becomes more

To teach is to help the child become

more human.
Teaching is indeed your mission:

- If you are doing it not only for the pay but also for service,
- If you keep on teaching out of love, it’s mission.
- If you are committed to teaching even if it means letting go of other activities,
- If you remain teaching even though nobody recognizes your efforts,
- It makes you get excited,
- If your concern is success plus faithfulness, it’s mission.
Teaching and a life of meaning
Spend it passionately in teaching, the most noble
Dr. Josette T. Biyo
Intel Excellence in Teaching Award (1st Asian Winner)

Teaching may not be a lucrative position. It cannot guarantee

financial security. It even means investing your personal time,
energy, and resources. Sometimes it means disappointments,
heartaches, and pains. But touching the hearts of people and
opening the minds of children can give you joy and
contentment which money could not buy. These are the
moments I teach for. These are the moments I live for.
The “Pwede na” Mentality: Enemy of Excellent
Mission Preparation and Accomplishment

For a professional teacher who looks at teaching as his/her

mission, he/she will do everything to arm himself/herself for
an excellent accomplishment of that mission.
Indicators of defeatism and resignation to

 “pwede na”
 “talagang ganyan ‘yan”
 “wala na tayong magawa”
 “di na mahalata”
 “di ko na ‘yan sagot”
 “dagdag trabaho/ gastos lang yan”
If we remain true to our calling and mission as a
professional teacher, we have no choice but to take the
endless and the “less traveled road” to excellence.
The Humanizing Mission of Teaching
1. Read this letter by a private school principal to her teachers on the
first day of a new school year. It may make your humanizing
mission in teaching crystal clear.
2. Explain your mission as a professional teacher by helping children
become more human.

“Discovering Your Life’s True Calling”
Lou Sabrina Ongkiko
(courtesy of YouTube)
 Based on the video that you just watched, what is our
life’s true calling?
 How can you apply that in your calling to teach?
 Share your answers with the group.