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Word of the Day

Word: balderdash (adjective)

Pronunciation: \ból-dər-dash\
Meaning: nonsense
Example Sentence: He could not
believe the balderdash he was wearing.
Name It!



Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the
students will:
 describe concepts in Greek Literature
through a graphic organizer;
 express one’s ideas on the importance of
literarature during Archaic Period of
Greek Literature; and
 show the events in the text read through
creative presentations.
Greek Literature: The
Archaic Period

 The Greeks created poetry before they made use of

writing for literary purposes, and from the
beginning their poetry was intended to be sung or
 During the Archaic period, the poets’ works were
spoken - an outcome of an oral tradition - delivered
at festivals.
 The literature of the Archaic era mostly centered on
myth; part history and part folklore.
 Literary Greece begins with Homer.
 Homer and Hesoid’s works are significant
examples of this period.
 the greatest of all epic poets and his legendary status
was well established by the time of Classical Athens
 acted as a great pool of information for the Greeks
about their gods
 earliest poet in Western culture whose works have
survived intact

 Father of didactic poetry

 came from Boeotia in Central
 composed of 15,693 hexameters (lines of verse), and is divided
into 24 books corresponding to each letter of the Greek
 traces the anger of Achilles
 takes place over 51 days during the tenth and final year of the
Trojan War
 poem takes its name from the city of Troy, which is also
known as Ilium
 composed of 12,109 hexameters and is also divided
into 24 in the same manner as the Iliad
 takes place after the Trojan War has been won by the
 concerned with the nostos (journey) of the Greek
hero Odysseus and the troubles that he faces on his
way home from Troy
 an 8th-century BCE didactic and instructional poem
 part of a rich oral tradition which only achieved
written form decades later
 traces the history of the world from its creation
through the battle between the Olympians and the
Titans to the ascension of Zeus as the absolute ruler of
all of the Olympian gods
Background of the
Content – 20 points
Creativity– 15 points
Delivery – 15 points
Mastery – 10 points
60 points