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Cisco Systems, NetFlix, and

Office Depot: The Business

Value of

Real-Time Web Decision

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Real Time System
A system is said to be Real Time if it is
required to complete it’s work & deliver it’s
services on time.
Example – Flight Control System
All tasks in that system must execute on

Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems - CEO
 John Chambers is president and CEO of Cisco
Systems, the worldwide leader in networking
for the Internet. Since January 1995, when he
assumed this position, Chambers has grown
the company from $1.2 billion in annual
revenues to its current run-rate of
approximately $18.9 billion.
 Chambers joined Cisco in 1991 as senior vice
president, Worldwide Sales and Operations.
Prior to joining Cisco, Chambers spent eight
years at Wang Laboratories and six years with
IBM. Chambers holds a law degree and a
bachelor degree in business from West Virginia
University. He later received a masters of
business administration degree in finance and
management from Indiana University. He is
married and has two adult children.

John T. Chambers - Awards
 Number 2 CEO in America, Worth
 The Most Powerful Person in
Networking, Network World
 The Most Influential CEO, Institutional
Investor Magazine
 Vice Chairman, President George W.
Bush National Infrastructure
Advisory Council (NIAC)
 Member, President George W. Bush
Transition Team, Education
 Best Boss in America, 20/20
 CEO of the Year, Chief Executive
 Internet Industry Leader Award, U.S.
Internet Council
 Mr. Internet, Top 25 Executives
Worldwide, Business Week
 Member, President Bill Clinton Trade
Policy Committee
About Cisco Systems

 Cisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of

computer scientists from Stanford University
 Since inception, Cisco engineers have been
prominent in the development of Internet
Protocol (IP)-based technologies
 This traditition continues with industry leading
products in the core areas of routing and
switching, along with advanced technologies
in areas such as optical, network security, IP
telephony, wireless LAN, storage and home
 Broad range of service offerings, including
technical support services and advanced
6 
About Cisco Systems
Cisco sells its products and services:

 Directly: through its own sales force

 Indirectly: through channel partners to large
enterprises, commercial businesses, service
providers, and consumers.
 Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking for
the Internet. Cisco hardware, software, and
service offerings are used to create internet
solutions so that individuals, companies, and
countries have easy access to information –
regardless of differences in time and place.

Financial Highlights

Cisco Reports For Fiscal Year
2010 Earnings

FY 2010 Net Sales: $40.0 billion (increase

of 11% year over year)
FY 2010 Net Income: $7.8 billion ; $9.4
FY 2010 Earnings per Share:$1.33
(increase of 27% year over year); $1.61
(increase of 19% year over year)

Alliances - Enable customer success by driving
business and technology change through strategic alliances with
industry leaders.

Accenture Microsoft
Bearingpoint Motorola
Callisma Sony
Cap Gemini Ernst & Sun
Young Thru Point
HP Itattel

Cisco's market cap is now five times that
of its competitors.
Cisco's goal is to grow 10 percent faster
than its competitors, and revenue
increased 9 percent year over year for
the most recently reported quarter,
while competitors' revenue shrunk.
goal of growing 10 percent faster than
the competitors

Some competitors from different market

Foundry Networks
Riverstone Networks
Juniper Networks
Nortel Networks
Lucent Technologies
Extreme Networks

The company was established in 1997 and is
headquartered in Los Gatos, California.
Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO.

Barry McCarthy, CFO, Secretary.

Leslie J. Kilgore, CMO.

It started its subscription service in 1999. In 2009 it

was offering a collection of 1,00,000 titles on DVD
and surpassing 10 million subscribers. On February
25, 2007, Netflix announced the billion DVD
Internet video streaming
 Video is streamed to the user using
standard PC hardware, and requires
Microsoft's Silverlight software to be
installed. Viewing is initiated by pressing a
"Play Instantly" button, and played back on
the PC monitor. Films can be paused or
restarted at will.

Revenue: US$ 1.67 Billion
Operating income: US$ 192 Million
Net income: US$ 115.80 Million
Total assets: US$ 680 Million
Total equity: US$ 199 Million
Employees: 2000+
Office Depot was founded by
three partners: Stephen Dougherty,
Pat Sher, and Jack Kopkin in 1986. .
It is headquartered in Boca Raton,
They envisioned a warehouse-
style store for office products where
customers could purchase items in
bulk for discounted prices.
This concept lead to starting
Office Depot, and the company
opened its first store in Lauderdale
Lakes, Florida in 1986
 Neil R. Austrian, Interim Chairman & CEO
Charles E. Brown, President, International
Kevin Peters, President, North American Retail
 Revenue: $12.144 billion
 Operating income: $265 million
 Net income: $627 million
 Employees: 42000
Question 1: What are the

business benefits and

limitations of Cisco’s Web-
based system for it’s
channel managers?
Cisco system wants everyone in
the company to have access to
real-time information.
They use a graphical user
interface-based view from one
channel inc.that gives them
real-time views of their account
and other activities.
Cisco receives point-of-sale data
via the internet or through
electronic data interchange
from their partners.
Cisco couples it with real-time
web-based inventory
information and processes it
using analytical software from
Hyperion solutions corp.
 1)Most of the data is
batched. They always suffer a time lack
in analysing the data they receive.

 RESULT-Insufficient problem solving

process and no optical solution for their
Question 2: Do you agree
with Netflix that their
real-time personalization
system is critical to their
business success?
Explain the reason for

Yes, Netflix’s real-time personalization
system is critical to their business
With today's busy lifestyles, and
consumers demanding more value and
control, it's no wonder that Netflix has
become the preferred online provider of
the home entertainment experience.
The Real - time helps marketing
manager in designing web page to
work best for given promotion and
allow them to make changes
immediately based on dynamic
feedback .
Netflix Features

1. Queue
2.Instant Queue
3. Browse :



6.Customer Satisfaction
Question 3: Do you think
salesperson will
appreciate & benefit
from the real - time alert
system envisioned for
Office Depot? Why or
why not?

No query of the customer will be left
Helps to give instant information to their
sales force about the customers in their
Helps to understand the current status of
the different outlets such as sales,
Helps the retail outlets at remote locations
to gain easy access to the main branch.
Helps in customization of product.