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Cyborg Neil Harbisson

The Antenna Man

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Abhinav Giri 18PT-001
Ekansh Jain 18PT-006
Neil Harbisson is Catalan, British-born contemporary artist.
Cyborg activist known for creating the first cyborg antenna and for
being first person in world to have antenna implanted in his skull.
The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours
such as infrareds and ultraviolets via sound waves as well as
receive images as sounds, videos as sounds, music or phone calls
directly into his head.
In 2004, he was officially recognized as a cyborg by a government.
Since 2004, he has been described by international media as the
world's first cyborg or the world's first cyborg artist, for expressing
himself artistically through a new sense created by the permanent
union between cybernetics and his brain.
In 2010, he founded the Cyborg Foundation, an international
organization that helps humans become cyborgs and promotes
cyborgism as an art movement.

Is an online platform for the

research, development and
promotion of projects related to the
creation of new senses and
perceptions by applying technology
to the human body.

Our mission is to help people

become cyborgs, promote cyborg
art and defend cyborg rights.
Cyborg Foundation created in 2010 by cyborg artists Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas
in order to help humans become cyborgs, defend rights of cyborgs promote cyborg art.​
First housed in Tecnocampus, Mataró, after winning Cre@tic award by Tecnocampus; Cyborg
Foundation moved soon after to Barcelona and then to New York in 2014.
Throughout years cyborg foundation has collaborated with various institutions such as braille
without borders in tibet or blind society of pichicha in ecuador, by offering sonochromatic
antennae so that blind people could experience colour;
Mesa & Cadeira in brazil, with whom they created first transdental communication system; and
with parsons school of design new school, sensorium works and pioneer works in new york, a
partnership that brought together cyborg futures,
A residency program to support use of cybernetics as a body part and to apply new sensory
capabilities to art practices; amongst others.
Cyborg foundation's latest project is an association called transpecies society, based in
barcelona and ​founded by artists neil harbisson, moon ribas and manel muñoz.
The association was created in 2017 in order to give voice to people with non-human identities,
defend the right to self-design and offer creation of new senses and organs in community.

• Cyborgs are the union between cybernetics and organisms.

• Since both are in exponential evolution the definition of cyborg is also in constant
• We define cyborgism as the different types of relationships between technology and
• There is a difference between the technology that allows you to know things and the
technology that allows you to feel things.
• Cyborg Foundation focuses on Artificial Senses (AS) where the stimuli is gathered by
the technology but the intelligence is created by the human - as opposed to Artificial
CYBORG ART-The art of creating your own senses
• Cyborg art is artistic movement where artists extend their senses
beyond physical boundaries by applying technology into their bodies.
• The artwork of a cyborg artist is new sense, but it’s an artwork
happens inside. They are only audience of their own art.
• In cyborg art;  artwork, audience, and museum is all in same body.
• If we extend our senses to perceive our planet in a deeper way, our
behavior and understanding towards it will probably change.
• We experience world through our senses so by creating new senses
our experience of reality changes, and gets deeper.
• We believe that by creating new senses we reveal a reality that our
natural senses don’t allow us to perceive.
• That’s why we don’t subscribe to vr (virtual reality) or ar (augmented
reality); and instead aim for rr, revealed reality.
"We are the first generation ABLE TO decide what organs
and senses WE WANT to have“
• In 2016 together with electronic civil rights and civil liberties
researcher and activist Rich MacKinnon, a list of Cyborg Civil
Rights were proposed at SXSW.
• The rights exposed redefinition and defence of cyborg civil
liberties and sanctity of cyborg bodies.
• It also foresaw a battle for the ownership, licensing, and
control of augmented, alternative, and synthetic anatomies;
communication, data and telemetry produced by them; and
very definition of what it means to be human.
• A person shall be free (speech clause) to express themselves through temporary or
permanent adaptions, alterations, modifications, or augmentations to the shape or form
of their bodies. A person shall be free from coerced or otherwise involuntary morphological changes.
• A person is entitled to dominion over intelligences and agents, and their activities,
whether they are acting as permanent residents, visitors, registered
aliens, trespassers, insurgents, or invaders within the person's body and its domain.
• A person shall enjoy the sanctity of bodily integrity be free from unnecessary search, seizure,
suspension or interruption of function, detachment, dismantling, or disassembly without due process.
• A legally recognized mutant shall enjoy all rights, benefits, and responsibilities extended to natural persons
• A person shall be free from exploitive or injurious 3rd party ownerships of vital and supporting bodily
systems. A person is entitled to reasonable accrual of ownership interest in 3rd party properties affixed,
attached, embedded, implanted, injected, infused, or otherwise permanently integrated with a person's
body for a long-term purpose.
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