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Equal Employment

Equal Employment

Effectively prohibiting all forms of

employment discrimination based
on race, religion, color, gender or
national origin
Affirmative Action

A practice in organization that goes

beyond discontinuance of
discriminatory practices to include
actively seeking, hiring, and
promoting minority group members
& women
Steps to follow affirmative action
Organizations must analyze the
demographics of its current workforce
Organizations must analyze the
composition of the community from which it
Organizations must establish goals and
timetables for correcting imbalance and
have specific plans for recruiting &
retaining protected group members
Adverse Impact

A consequence of an employment
practice that results in a greater
rejection rate for a minority group
than for the majority group in the
Adverse treatment

An employment situation where

protected group members receive
treatment different from other employees
in matters such as performance
evaluations and promotions
Determining Potential
Discriminatory Practices

1. The 4/5ths Rule

2. Restricted policy
3. Geographical comparison
4. McDonnell-Douglas Test
1. The 4/5ths Rule

It compares selection ratio for

minority applicants to that of majority
If less than 4/5ths (80%),
discrimination may have occurred
Exhibit 3-3
2. Restricted Policy

Infractions occur when Human

resource management activities
result in exclusion of a class of
e.g. laying off employees over age 40
while recruiting younger workers
3. Geographical Comparison
Characteristics of the qualified pool of potential

are compared to

characteristics of employees
4. McDonnell-Douglas Test

Individual is member of a protected

Individual is qualified for job
Individual is rejected
Organization continues to seek other
applicants with similar qualifications
HRM in Global Environment

Laws affecting Human Resource

management vary greatly by country
Current issues in Employment

Sexual Harassment
Glass Ceiling
Are Women reaching the Top of
Comparable Worth
Determining fair pay for both female
oriented jobs & male oriented jobs
based on comparable skill, effort &
Glass Ceiling
The invisible barrier that blocks females
& minorities from ascending into
upper levels of an organization.