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Complaint Management System

The proposed Complaint Management System will be
capable of taking care the following activities
• Inform the authorized person on receipt of
• Alert the concerned higher authority in case of
• The complainant can enquire about the status of the
application at any time through a SMS
• Develop a complaint management system which will
in managing complaints or applications received from
the customers
• Facility at centralized location to review the status or
update the status
• A citizen can fill complaints either via SMS or WEB via
Features for Citizens
• Citizens can send complaint from his mobile phone or
• Citizens gets alert on status update
• Citizen can query directly from mobile phone or web to
know the status
Features for senior officials
• Senior officials will get escalation alerts if the
complaints are not answered properly in defined
• Senior officials can query status at any time.
• Summary reports to analyze response time
Features for Staff
• Get alerts whenever new complaint is assigned.
• Can get reminders
• Can reallocate a complaint to other in case of
System Requirement
In case all the locations are connected via internet the
system requirement will be as follows:

• Server with windows OS and GSM modem and active

• A Linux based web server with MYSQL database

The system allows citizen to send complaint at any point

of time
For all the departments the complaints are allocated as per
defined rules immediately and all the employees at
different level in the organization get the status update at
regular intervals.
Applicable Areas
• Government offices where the complaint or application

status to be tracked
• To track the status of shipments which should go
through various process according to the rules of
customs and excise department
• In the passport office to track the status of application
for the passport
Applicable Areas

• To check the status of goods couriered

• To check the status of railway tickets or any other
where the status to be confirmed
• Any other service industry where customer complaints
to be tracked and updated or alerted in case of lapses