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The LBC Way


1. Dennis Alea
2. Sophie
3. Joy Ejoc
4. Caressa
5. Kylie
6. Mirian L. Tan
Name of Company:
Luzon Brokerage Company

1. Courier
2. Money remittance

By 2020, LBC shall be the

access and delivery
solutions provider of choice,
professionally and
technologically equipped to
serve Filipino families and
business entities through
total customer experience.
My opinion for this original VISION:

By 2020, LBC shall be the access and

delivery solutions provider of choice,
professionally and technologically equipped to
serve Filipino families and business entities
through total customer experience.
1. Visions are characterize as broad but this one is overly
specific and defined. First, the year 2020 is almost over,
and the phrase to “serve Filipino families” is limiting its
wide-range of clientele.
2. This vision statement should have been used for Mission
statements, especially that there is a mention of
professional and technological capabilities.
3. I will inter-change the terms used in the Mission
Statement for the Vision because it is not only “catchy”
but also appropriate for the nature of the business.

Linking and bridging customers

through our extensive network
worldwide while ensuring
exceptional customer experience.

1. The phrase “linking and bridging” encompasses the
company ‘s products being into courier or messengerial
services not just with physical products but also in
money wires from point A to point B.
Con’t Explanations:

2. The word “customer” broadly means the individuals,

families and business entities who would like to avail of
the company’s services regardless of its demographic

3. The phrase “extensive network worldwide” refers to the

advanced technological upgrades in all of its branches
that the company is utilizing for its fast and reliable
services which is available anywhere in the world. The
word “worldwide” further insinuates to the future plans of
the company to expand in countries where its presence
is still relatively new or unknown.

4. Lastly, the phrase “exceptional customer experience”, of

course, refers to the company’s consistent aim to
guarantee customer satisfaction through quality
services; quick and amiable frontlines, fair and
competitive fees, transparent, timely and trustworthy
deliveries. All of these will ultimately result to company

Linking and bridging

customers through our
network and innovating new
solutions to provide faster,
easier and more cost-
effective delivery solutions.

1. History and Network – integrate core

competencies to create a solid foundation for
our service commitment.
2. Understand and Learn – Gain meaningful
insight into the evolution of the modern
customer and apply to reinvent the business
3. Quality and Service – apply new capabilities
to win customers through quality and
customer satisfaction.
4. Innovate and Execute – Ensure resilience and
agility as well as maintain market position by
delivering high value products and services.
Brand Promise/Attribute:

“A friend who makes your day.”

LBC is the warm and helpful partner who

enjoys moving packages, goods and money for
you. We understand that people look forward to
what you’re sending so we provide clarity,
certainty and convenience to help make
everyone’s day.
Clarity – We believe in providing transparent
and timely information to give customers peace
of mind. We want to pay particular attention to:
The process of moving items or money.
The schedule and timing of your delivery.
Clear communication of our cost.
Con’t Brand Promise/Attribute:

Certainty- We believe in providing our various

stakeholders with certainty through:
Presenting relevant options for different needs.
Our staff’s commitment to set expectations and
deliver on our promises.
Fair and timely updates of information.
Convenience – We promise to make your
experience as hassle-free as possible by:
Constantly improving our process and adding
new and relevant capabilities.
Easy access to call center and frontline staff.
Growing of our network coverage.

1. We believe that our people are our

foremost asset.
2. Union of our people into teams, trust and
fairness, shared authority and shared
3. Open communication and transparency,
motivate compensation and recognition,
will encompass our working environment.
4. Our teams will be dedicated to continuous
improvement of our services for customer
5. Our team’s satisfaction will assure the
continuity of our existence.
Original Mission Statement:

Linking and bridging customers through our network

and innovating new solutions to provide faster, easier and
more cost-effective delivery solutions.

Mission Statement Components:

1. Customers
2. Products or services
3. Markets
4. Technology
5. Concern for survival, growth, and profitability
6. Philosophy
7. Self-concept
8. Concern for public image
9. Concern for employees

Personal Observation:
It is broad, slightly impersonal to the nature of the
business and deficient of the essential components.
Reconstructing the Mission
 Using the means that they have enumerated
in “How to achieve their original mission”

 Reintegrate their brand promise/attributes

they have also provided;

 All of those should be aligned to the desired

components of a great mission statements.
Reconstructed Mission Statement:
LBC shall be the leading provider in logistics and
money transfers in the country (2 & 3), equipped with
advanced technologies and extensive network (4) to
ensure clarity, certainty and convenience in the
delivery of our services (6 & 7). The company shall
empower our teams and our people with professional
skills and above-standard compensations in order to
motivate them to keep a sense of shared
responsibility in providing fast and quality services
(8 & 9). At LBC, we are committed to understand,
innovate and transform professionally and
technically in response to our client’s diverse needs
(8). It is our ultimate aim to serve customer
satisfaction which will enable us to sustain the
business and achieve profitability to meet our
stakeholders expectations (5).

“We like to move it.”

We love to move it!

Changing the word “like” with “love” because the latter

elicit a deeper sense of responsibility to deliver the products
to its customer with urgency and care as if they own it

It is one of the company’s promise to the clients to deliver

the goods to the receiver in good condition and at the right
time to preserve the essence of “excitement” .

1. The leading company in courier services.

2. Wide array of logistics services and money transfer
3. Extensive network of local and international
branches, hubs, warehouses, partners and agents to
satisfy the multi-services requirements of individual
clients and business entities.
4. It has its own commercial vehicle cargo services and
cargo airline services.
5. LBC has launched its sea cargo service as an initial
expansion from the retail market to the corporate
6. Utilization of advanced technologies such as mobile
apps and websites to update status of cargoes, make
inquiries and others.
7. Affordable and competitive prices of products and

1. Positive growth forecasts for the courier and money

remittance industry for the upcoming years.
2. High infrastructure development in the country which
will lead to a speedy movement of goods, stable
connectivity and fast transmission of data and other
3. Emergence of e-commerce for small and medium
enterprises provides another market segment for
financial, messengerial and freight services.
4. Widespread use of cashless payments will gain
market share momentum for electronic bill payments.
5. Open linkage or partnerships with other financial
companies for money remittances especially abroad.
6. New developments in technological innovations
which will further enhance the technical capabilities
of its people and the company, itself.
7. Positive growth forecasts for the courier industry in
the upcoming years.

1. Intense competition due to the presence of small and

medium players in cargo deliveries and money
remittance centers.
2. Banks and other financial mediums provided free
charges or discounted rates for domestic and
overseas remittances.
3. Higher tax rates for foreign currency exchanges.
4. Stringent measures implemented in Customs and
other regulatory bodies.
5. For money remittances, factors affecting employment
such as this Covid-19 pandemic severely affects the
capability of individuals to send money.