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Company Profile

Name of company: Reframe

Founded in 2020, Reframe is an Malaysian company that i
s engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, an
d worldwide marketing and sales of apparel. The word "Re
frame" was chosen to be company's name because we wa
nt to redefine and rearrange the public knowledge to fashi

Slogan of company: "Nice outfit makes a nice day"

Objectives: General Manager

• Getting and staying profitable  (Tan Wei Zhen)

• Sustainable Growth
• Reaching the right customers Marketing
Finance Manager Manager
(Gan Qi You) (Leong Choong
(Puah Jun Hong)
ls Our company's product which is being presen
ted is our 

We chose this product because based on the

survey made, this product is the most popula
r and well received by our customers.

Product Details
• Kangaroo pocket
• Hood with drawcord
• Ribbing on the cuffs and hem
• Body: 80% cotton/20% polyester. Hood Lin
ing: 100% cotton.
• Machine wash
• Colour Shown: Black
• Country/Region of Origin: Malaysia 
- Our target customer is largely consumers around 1
Target Market 6-35 years old.
Product Price - Consumers in this age range is more likely to pay att
ention to their outlook and they usually wear for fash
ion trend. Also, they commonly have their own econo
mic sources and are able to pay for what they like to

 For pricing, our company has decided to process with a big quantity of this product so that more
customers stand a chance to own this attractive product. At the same time, mass production
helps in cutting budget allowing our company to sell this product with lower price! 

Now, Reframe OFFICIAL has decided to sell this product with only RM188 !!!
About Our Hoodie Sample of Our Hoodie
• Entirely Made locally

• Comfortable wearing Head/Hood

Product Details
• High quality • Kangaroo pocket
• Hood with drawcord
• Environmental friendly • Ribbing on the cuffs and hem

• Fashionable • Body: 80% cotton/20% polyester. Hood

Lining: 100% cotton.

• Multiple colours to choose from • Machine washable

• Colour Shown: Black
• Is long-lasting Body
• Country/Region of Origin: Malaysia 

• Stretchable
Future Strategic Planning
• We plan to develop more types of fashionable clothing for people of all ages.
• In three years time, we plan to open up at least 20 new outlets to sell our produ

Have more than 20

Open our first In the second year,
types of clothing for
outlet at Pavilion have branches at
men, women and
Mall, KL Penang and Johor

In the third year, have

branches at all states Become a
in Malaysia recognizable clothing
company in Malaysia
How to contact us
Contact No.
Main Outlet : 03-20491244
General Manager : 012-3495510

Company: reframe.my@gmail.com
General Manager: twz182@gmail.com

Main Outlet: Lot 169, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Group Members
• Tan Wei Zhen F20SP1526 Section 29
• Puah Jun Hong F20SP1036 Section 29
• Gan Qi You F20SP1925 Section 29
• Leong Choong How F20SP1046 Section 29