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The luxurious fashion

●Chanel is one of the most established
fashion brand , that was founded in early
by Gabriella Coco Chanel.

● Chanel brand has 5 divisions including

couture, accessories, fragrances, skincare
makeup, fine jewelers and watches
Chanel perfumes
● C h a n e lp e rfu m e s a re p e rfu m e s w ith lo n g
h isto ry , th a t h a s ta ke n p la ce in 1 9 2 0 , B y
cre a tin g a n d la u n ch in g le g e n d a ry C h a n e l

●For today Chanel brand has another eleven

highly successful perfumes such as Coco,
Coco Mademoiselle, Cristalle, Chance and
● Chanel has invited the most popular
celebrities to endorse its fragrances
starting from Marilyn Monroe, Katrin
Deneuve, Audrey Tautou…
Marylyn Monroe commercial
Keira Knightly commercial
Nicole Kidman commercial
Audrey Tautou commercial
What makes Chanel perfume
brands so successful?
• The great personality and huge input
in fashion industry made by the
late couturier and founder Gabriella
• Using Chanel fragrances allow
consumers become a part of the
great history
• Chanel brand is the synonym of class
and elegance

Chanel’s Haute Couture
Coco Chanel and the story of
little black dress
• Chanel encouraged and inspired the
style we typically envision when we
think of flappers. She was fond of
working with neutral colors and soft
easy-to-wear jersey fabrics that
were simple in shape and cut.
Chanel was able to infuse comfort
and sophistication into fashion, and
this combination was considered
revolutionary. It was during her
early work, that Chanel designed
and introduced the first little black
‘Luxury must be comfortable,
otherwise it is not luxury…’
Chanel target market
• Chanel in its clothing line have totally
exclusive products so-called haute
couture, the target audience is the
high societal, high income female
• Besides it, Chanel offers prêt-o-parte
as well.
 Therefore Chanel clothes are also
available for the wider audience.
• Chanel’s main competitor is Christian
• Christian Dior the fashion star of last
century was always the second
after Chanel…
• New era brings new head designers
for both of brands that brings new
turn to century old competition
Karl Lagerfeld versus John
• Karl Lagerfeld is • John Galliano is
known as the known for his not
designer of high ordinary view of
class, elegant high fashion, too
and aristocratic modern, some
style. He is the fashion line
designer in style shows the trends
of Coco Chanel but in actual life
herself cannot be worn.
Karl Lagerfeld for

John Galliano for

Chanel Christian Dior

Chanel versus Christian Dior
• Karl Lagerfeld's • John Galliano’s
approach to the approach brought
haute couture is the new, fresh
elegant and image for the old,
classic and that classic brand,
narrows Chanel's while attracting
target market, customers of all
therefore most of ages
consumer’s are
ladies after the
Chanel brand future vision