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u A a  is a choice between two or more
alternative actions or behaviors

u 3or Example: A housewife goes to purchase a mid

priced range of tea, than making a selection from
the various alternatives available in the market
like Taj Mahal, Tata Tea, Red label, Yellow label,
etc. then she is making decision.

u monsumer decisions are decisions

consumers make in the marketplace
M×   to purchase
M ×  to purchase
M ×  to purchase
M from ×  to purchase
M × to pay for the purchase
ë V  

u Routine response behavior

u Limited problem solving

u Extensive problem solving

ë  V

^ The consumer knows very well about the
different brands.

^ He can differentiate between the different

characteristics of each brand.
pë Ú V
p  p
u monsumer have little knowledge about market.

u In order to brand preferences some comparative

brand information is sought.
ë  V
p  p

M mustomer do not have any basic information

about the brand

M He does not have any preferences for any product

M monsumer will seek information about all

different brands before purchasing.
V   ë     Ú 


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ë   Ú  V 
6eed Recognition

Search for Information

Evaluation of Alternatives



Post-consumption Evaluation

 Ú   ë
u monsumer recognized need when they face
u Among consumer there are varied types of need
or problem recognition:
y Actual state type of problem
y Desire state consumer
u monsumer gathers information related to their attainment
of the desired state of affairs

 £ a passive approach to gathering
information in which the consumer·s own memory
is the main source of information about a product

 £ a proactive approach to gathering
information in which the consumer collects new
information from sources outside the consumer·s own
 p ë  pë  ë 
u 3or evaluation consumer tend to use two types of
M List of brands that they plan to make their
M The criteria they will use to evaluate each brand
u Three types of purchases:
y 3irst time or trial purchase (Ex.: Detregent)
y Repeat purchase
y Long term commitment purchases
u The consumer consumes the product , it may not
necessarily be the buyer itself.
u The later steps is decided by the output of this
u A repeated purchase usually signifies product
VëVë  p ë


 Actual performance matches
u V Ú       
Verformance of product exceeds expectation.
u   Ú       
Verformance of product falls below expectation.
Ú ë ë
u If the product performs as per consumer
expectation than the consumer buy it again.
u If product performance is disappointing of below
expectation than consumers will look out for
alternative products or brand in future.