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Fasting is a spiritual discipline where we

can put ourselves before God, alone,

undisturbed in His presence,
with the abstinence of food
and some substance. This
discipline is exactly a self
denial, humbling self to
reach out God, to seek His
guidance, His will, and to ask
His divine intervention for a
worthy cause.
Ravid Lee Packer ³fasting is an opportunity
for us to express our intensity and sincerity
in prayer. It is a humble acknowledgement
of our weakness...
Through fasting we
are able to focus
more intensely,
and with greater
concentration on
the will of God.´
³Fasting can bring
breakthroughs in
the spiritual realm
that will never
happen in any other
way. It is a means
of God¶s grace and
blessing that should not be neglected any
longer.´ Richard Foster
r  r

˜ing Jehoshaphat forsook the Lord,

and ordered his
people throughout
his kingdom to fast
before the Lord
for their deliverance
against their
ïsther with her maids
and the Jews fasted for

3 days and the result

the ˜ing delivered
them from the
Haman was hung.
R   r     

Raniel fasted and his

friends pleading for God
to show the dream and
interpretation of the lost
dream of Pharaoh h and
by God s grace it was
revealed to
Jonah The people of Nineveh
prayed with fasting that
God will forgive their
sins and spared them
from His wrath.
0 . We fast in obedience to God s Word. 0Joel 2: 2;
2Corinthians 6: 4-6; Matthew 9: .

02. We fast to humble ourselves before God and

obtain his grace and power. 0James 4: .

0 We fast to overcome temptations in areas that

keep us from moving into God s power. 0Luke 4.

04. We fast to be purified from sin 0and help others

become purified us well. 0Raniel 9:3-;
Jonah 3:- .
0. We fast to become weak before God so God s power
can be strong. 0Psalm 9: 24-28; 2 Corinthians 2: 9- .

06. We fast to release the anointing to accomplish His will.

0cts 3:3-4; 4:23.

0. We fast in times of crisis.

0ïsther 4: - 6; 2 Chronicles 2.

08. We fast when seeking God¶s direction.

0ïra 8:2 -23.

09. We fast for understanding and divine

revelation. 0Jer. 36: 6.
The spirit of true
fasting and prayer is
the spirit which
yields mind, heart,
and will to God.
{CR 89.2}
For certain things, fasting
and prayer are recommended
and appropriate. In the hand
of God they are a means of
cleansing the heart and
promoting a receptive frame
of mind. We obtain answers
to our prayers because we
humble our souls before God.
{CR 8.6}
Now and onward till the close of
time the people of God should be
more earnest, more wide-awake,
not trusting in their own wisdom,
but in the wisdom of their Leader.
They should set aside days for
fasting and prayer. ïntire
abstinence from food may not be
required, but they should eat
sparingly of the most simple food.--
CR 88, 89 0 94.
{LRï 82.2}
‰Fasting was a powerful
God-blessed strategy of
the early church, and in
the lives of many of the

leaders God raised up. 

By praying and fasting
brought thousands of
people to Christ, miracles
was been wrought in the
new testament time
0cts 4:23.
Fasting that result to an intimate
relation with our Lord will drive
demons away, demons cannot
stand over a person who have
the spirit of God in the lives.
³Remons cannot stay around
too long when a person fasts,
because fasting unto God
creates a totally different
atmosphere that welcomes the
holy and repel the unholy.´
þ     h r
³Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by
prayer and fasting. 
The Bible and our experiences teach us that there are things that
only through fasting and prayers things were
miraculously done.
Prayer and fasting is not a light matter, it should find its place
in the spiritual practice of leadership where God could work more
easily to the heart that is open to receive His leadings.