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Have produced unparalleled entertainment experiences
based on the rich legacy of quality creative content and
exceptional storytelling.

It is a leading diversified international family entertainment

and media enterprise with four business segments:

R media networks
R parks and resorts
R studio entertainment
R consumer products.
R áhe Walt Disney Company(NYSE:DIS) is one of
the largest media and entertainment corporations
in the world.
R Founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney in
R Disney's corporate headquarters and primary
production facilities are located at the Walt
Disney Studios in Burbank , California , USA.
—  m   
An entrepreneur with a natural
flair for animation, he became
one of the worldࣛs most well-
known and respected
entertainers, creating a
company that continues to
gross over $30 billion yearly.
K In October 1984, Michael Eisner
was named Disney·s chairman
and CEO.

K Eisner recruited new

management and changed
the corporate structure.

K He controlled movie budgets

by imposing a ´financial boxµ
within which the creative talent
had to operate.

K He struck the right balance.


R American Broadcasting Company

R Buena Vista Distribution
R Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group
R Walt Disney Studio Entertainment
R Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
R Disney Consumer Product
K For more than eight decades, the name Walt Disney has been preeminent in the
field of family entertainment. From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the
1920ࣛs to todayࣛs global corporation , áhe Walt Disney Company continues to
proudly provides quality entertainment for every member of the family , across
America and around the world

K Disney Legends
áhe Disney Legend program was established in 1987 to acknowledge and
honor the many individuals whose imagination , talents, and dreams have created
the Disney magic. Since its inception, the program has honored many gifted
animators, Imaginers, song writers, actors and business leaders as having made a
significant impact on the Disney legacy.

K áhe Walt Disney Family Museum

áhe Disney Family website is produced and maintained by the Walt Disney
Family Foundation, a non profitable organization. Founded in 1995 , the Foundation
strives to promote education , writing , and scholarship about Walt Disney.
K From the very beginning, Disney's
founder Walter Elias Disney
fostered the spirit of creativity,
innovation and excellence that
continues to underlie all of the
company's success.

K October 16, 1923, became the

formal beginning of áhe Walt
Disney Company.
K In October 1923 Walt Disney
made a short film in Kansas
City about a little girl in a
cartoon world, called Alice's
K He made Alice Comedies for
four years, constantly pushing
the visual bounds as well as
the studio's finances with
innovative effects.
K With his chief animator,
Ub Iwerks, Walt designed a
mouse who was first christened
K His next venture, a silent
cartoon called Plane
Crazy featured a new character
named Mickey Mouse.
K Mickey Mouse first appeared in
the film Steamboat Willie in
K áhe Walt Disney Studios is the
foundation on which Disney was
K Among the first creations were of
Mickey Mouse and Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs.
K —alt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International
serves as the studio's international distribution arm.

K Disney acquired renowned computer animation

leader Pixar in an all-stock transaction completed
in May 2006.

K In February 2007, The —alt Disney Studios joined

forces to form Image Movers Digital, a new state of
the art studio devoted exclusively to the
production of performance capture projects.
The place "—here Dreams Come True."
rrown to encompass:
K The world-class Disney
Cruise Line,
K Eight Disney Vacation
Club resorts (with
more than 100,000
K Adventures by Disney,
K Five resort locations
The DCP's various lines of business include:
K Disney Toys,
K Disney Apparel,
K Accessories & Footwear,
K Disney Food,
K Health & Beauty,
K Disney Home and
K Disney Stationery.
K It is the world's largest publisher
of childrenࣛs books and

K Its imprints include:

i. Disney Libri,
ii. Hyperion Books for
iii. Jump at the Sun,
iv. Disney Press, and
v. Disney Editions.
K *disneystore.comࣟ, is the company's
official shopping portal and the
Disney stores retail chain.
K áhis is owned and operated by an
unaffiliated third party in Japan
under a license agreement with áhe
Walt Disney Company.
K Disney owns and operates the
Disney Store chain in North America
and Europe.
On 12th June 2006, Disney
Mobile phone service is

On January 23 Disney
announces a deal to
purchase Pixar Animation
Studios in an all-stock
transaction worth $7.4bn.

m 133,000 (2006)
K It comprise a vast array of
broadcast, cable, radio, publishing
and Internet businesses.

K Key areas include:

i. Disney-ABC Television rroup,

ii.ESPN Inc.,
—alt Disney Internet rroup,
iv.ABC owned television stations,
v. a supporting headquarters

K Marketing, research, sales and

communications functions also
exist within the segment.
K It is a segment of The —alt
Disney Company.

K It is responsible for the

creation and delivery of
Disney branded
interactive entertainment
and informational content
across multiple platforms
including online, mobile
and video game consoles
around the globe.
K áhis program was established in 1987 to
acknowledge and honor the many individuals
whose imagination, talents and dreams
created the Disney magic.
K Since then each year, new Legends join this
celebrated group.
These awards had three distinct
elements to characterize the

K á  
 - stands for imagination,
the power of an idea.

K á   - holds the gifts of skill,

discipline and craftsmanship.

K á       represent

magic: the spark that is ignited
when imagination and skill
combine to create a new dream.
K Strict control yet
K Employees are aware of
their prime objectives.
K Have freedom to think
beyond limit and come
up with new innovative
K Follows the phrase
*Dream as a teamࣟ

K Global
Standardization K High sunk cost
K áarget Customer: K Excessive Research
Children & Development
K Creative Process K Constant Up
K Popular Brand Name gradation
K Diversification K High Investment
K Disruption K High Risk Factor
K Merchandise
K Competitors: National,
K Global Localization: áhink Regional & Global
global, Act Local
K Employee Retention
K Characters of national or
regional appeal K Highly Demanding in
terms of Sales,
K Cheaper alternatives to
soft toys K Creativity and Innovation
K Disney Music Channel K Unprofitable or hasty
K Disney School of
Management/áraining K Brand Consistency
K Institute K Product Differentiation
2   m  
Buying Behavior
Creativity Management
Resource Management Preferences
Task specific work culture Psychology
Target oriented approach Marketing Pattern
Sales Turnover
Customer Satisfaction
K By function: arranging the business
according to what each section or
department does.
K By product or activity: organizing
according to the different products made.
K By area: geographical or regional
K By customer: where different customer
groups have different needs.
K By process: where products have to go
through stages as they are made.
Specialization ² each Closed communication could lead
department focuses on its own to lack of focus.

Accountability ²someone is Departments can become

responsible for the section. resistant to change.

Clarity ² know your and others· Coordination may take too long.
rap between top and bottom.
´Always remember that this whole thing was started
with a dream and a mouse,µ
-—alt Disney
ã: Chase Your Dreams

There are no heights that can·t be scaled by

a man who knows the secret of making
dreams come true«
ãStretch Your Brand

K Disney was a management mastermind,

a pioneer in the field of branding and
K He set new industry standards for his
ability to capitalize on his name.
ãUse Your Imagination

K Disney has always been an innovative and

imaginative brand.
K From the first ¶talking· cartoons in 1928 to
the Experimental Prototype Community of
Tomorrow (EPCOT), both of which pushed
the limits of existing ideas and technology.
K The Company's Strategic Sourcing
and Procurement organization works
with all Business Units and their
Suppliers across the globe to
establish the best value for The

K It provides opportunities for Suppliers

to partner with the Company to
provide goods and services.

K This partnering approach is designed

to create a mutually beneficial
relationship between the Suppliers
and The —alt Disney Company.
K Disney Sourcing
Professionals seek out and
contract with companies
of all sizes and capabilities.
K Rely on a dedicated,
competitive, world-class
Supplier base to bring the
Disney magic to the
customers and guests
around the world.
K The Company actively seeks
minority- and woman-owned
firms for inclusion in the
competitive bidding process,
and utilizing these businesses to
the fullest extent possible.

K The M—BE program enhances

value received from the supply
base by identifying,
developing, and referring
qualified minority- and women-
owned businesses that are
capable of meeting The
Company's business objectives.
K Outreach actively seeks diverse
Suppliers through participation
in business development
organizations, advocacy
groups, and trade shows.

K Due Diligence validates M—BE

status through certification
compliance, site visits,
management interviews,
and/or third-party research.

K Qualification determines
relevant M—BE business
criteria such as
competencies, geographical
scope, capacity, etc.
K Utilization assists Disney
professionals in identifying
minority- and woman-
owned businesses capable
of meeting their
procurement objectives.

K Development acts as liaison

between internal
stakeholders and diverse
Suppliers to promote
goodwill and ensure that
each party has their
respective needs met.
Bring efficiencies to the procurement and accounts
payable processes. Work with the Suppliers to:

K Create electronic Catalogs to maximize use of

preferred Suppliers, products and services.
K Enable electronic Purchase Order and Invoice
transactions to minimize cost, including support for
K Receive electronic payment via ACH (direct
K Implement Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) to
simplify the PO and Invoice process.
K Utilize electronic bidding to reduce cycle time and
increase consistency.
K Disney Institute has
paved the way for
millions of business

K Programs are available

in a variety of formats
to meet the scheduling
demands of event and
the needs of delegates,
adding to the
educational content of
The topics are based on five core Disney
business strengths:
K Leadership Excellence
K People Management
K Quality Service
K Brand Loyalty
K Inspiring Creativity

Ä   !




#      !



(ã '   


&ã '
Disney has maintained its competitive advantage by
routinely making wise decisions about :

â What Resources and

Capabilities to acquire

â Invest in

â Development
Disney·s strategic decision-making record is strikingly
superior to most firms.

m "


âExhibit foresight
â Imperfectly mobile and co-specialized elements
K Evokes the feeling of wholesome family

K Ensure that its image is fun, imaginative,

clean, and appeals to people of all ages.

K It places high priority on making products

predictable and safe.

K Encouraging creativity and innovation

among employees.

K It reinforces its unique culture by training

employees at Disney University
K He gained an early education in the
value of intellectual property.

K Disneyࣛs tight control over its

properties have given it a strong
defense against entrants and
competing incumbents.

K Disney has built a strong brand that

further deters competitorsࣛ efforts to

K Michael Eisner, adds to Disneyࣛs

K —alt Disney had the vision
and confidence to pursue
several previously untested
K Strategic foresight to remain
true to wholesome family
K He correctly predicted that
television would be an
important medium, and
introduced the highly popular
´Mickey Mouse Clubµ in 1955.
K Disney correctly bet big on
entering theme parks with
Disneyland in 1955.
K Has a strong legal

K Synergy-the parts
comprising the
Disney whole would
be less valuable to a
poacher than they
are to Disney.
He created the worldࣛs first multimedia empire
and he did it by making people smile.