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Jl. Cijerah Cigondewah Girang No.16 Cimahi-
40534, West Java ² Indonesia
Ph: 62-22-6031566/6031030
Fax: 62-22-6031488/6032166
Web site: www.kaha.com

Jl. Raya Rancaekek Km.23 Sumedang, West Java
² Indonesia
Ph: 62-22-7792222/7798060
Fax: 62-22-7798063/7793111
Email : rc@kaha.com
† PT. KAHATEX, a large integrated textile company in Indonesia , is of
relatively recent origin, manufacturing polyester chips, polyester
fibers, yarn, fabric, garments and socks in a vertical integrated set-
† It was established in 1979 as a knitting mill cum Dye house by Mr.
L.H. Song, the Chairman of the Company.
† It has since grown in size and stature into one of the largest
integrated textile complexes in the country, with its numerous plants
spread over an area of more than 155 hectares (1,550,000 sq.m) at
its factory sites at Cijerah - Bandung, and Rancaekek-Sumedang,
with the total workers more than 35,000.
† The company has a long history of self-propelled growth with an
almost insatiable appetite for modernization and expansion.
† Embracing new technologies, upgrading existing ones, adding new
products to its portfolio, and commitment to quality make up the core
of its corporate philosophy.
† The company has been awarded the Oko-Tex Standard 100, which is
a clear endorsement of its commitment to quality.

† A major participant in the Indonesian textile sector, its contribution to

the export market is significant and exemplary
† More than 40 % directly exported to about 60 countries world-
† 40% is indirectly exported through sales to other export oriented
manufacturers of garments, socks, gloves, towels, and sweaters in
† Its product range spans almost the entire gamut of textile products
from a variety of yarns and fabrics to products such as garments,
blankets, rugs, carpets, socks, gloves, etc. Its garments, socks, and
gloves divisions are 100 % export oriented.
† Kahatex prides itself in being a company with a soul, training and
motivating its team to work with efficiency laced with warmth,
friendship and understanding.
† A customer is valued as the most important asset of the company and
all efforts are focused to build on, and enhance the value of, each
customer relationship. Mutual growth is the goal and mutual
understanding and co-operation the means to the endp
† CUSTOMERS : NIKE, H&M, C&A, Umbro, S.Oliver,Lerros,
Lotto, M&S, Tom Taylor, Kiabi, M&S Mode, Manor, Mast
Industry, Esprit, Kunart,The Children·s Place, Walmart, K-
mart, Target, Gap, Sears, etc.
† EXPORT Countries :
USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Colombia, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Philippines,Vietnam,Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bangladesh,
India, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium,
Sweden, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Algeria,
Mauritius, Algeria, South Africa, Russia, etc..

† The Spinning division is located at Rancaekek.

The site is home to :
1.The largest Acrylic Spinning plant in Indonesia
2.The largest jet spinning plant in Indonesia
† 3. The largest compact spinning plant in Indonesia
† KAHATEX has 2 worsted spinning mills, 9 cotton combed
and blend Spinning mills, 5 jet-spinning mills,
1 open end Spinning Mill and 1 Fancy Yarn spinning mill,
with more than 600,000 spindles.
† The main products are acrylic, acrylic wool,
Acrylic cotton, cotton, C/W, C/M, CVC, polyester, polyester
cotton, rayon, cotton/rayon, A/N/W, mélange, fancy yarns,
Heather Yarns, OE, MJS, MVS Yarns, etc..
All the yarns are available in dyed and raw white.

† The Polyester plant in Rancaekek was designed by Zimmer AG

from Germany to manufacture 110 tons per-day of polyester
fiber (2 lines), 35 tons per-day POY (24 positions) and FDY (24
positions), and 170 Tons/day polyester chips (2 lines).
† We produce dyed yarn by colored chips.
† Most of our production goes in-house production of yarn,
fabric, garment, socks, non woven blanket.
† As Polyester plant is under one roof, we are not subjected to
market vulgarizes like supply and price rise. Most important is
that we have environments friendly dyeing polyester plant.
† The knitting section is located at Rancaekek. KAHATEX is the
largest knitting mill in Indonesia, with the capacity of 250,000
kg/day and the largest knitted fabric producer in Indonesia.
† The mill has circular, warp, flat bed, and double raschel
knitting machines producing a wide variety of knitted fabrics.
† CIRCULAR KNITTING (1,214 units Mc)
† Single Jersey, Double knitting, Terry loops, Polar Fleece, Fleece, Double
Terry, Rib Knitting, engineering/feeder strips, SJ/DJ with spandex in
plain dyed or yarn dyed, Terry dry fit, other structured knits.
† Gauge : 12 up to 28
† WARP KNITTING /TRICOT = 32 units : 25,000 kg/day
† KARL MAYER Machines ( Gauge 22E ² 32E), to produce mesh and tricot
† DOUBLE RASCHEL ( 31 units)
Gauge 12E to 16E
† VELVET & FLAT BED = 243 units (COLAR and CUFFS) : 125,000
pics/day (yarn dyed, Plain dyed)
† We are the largest Water jet weaving machines in Indonesia.
† The Weaving sections are located at Cijerah and Rancaekek,
have air jet, water jet, rapier and projectile looms, with
maximum width of 3,200 mm. A denim manufacturing plant is
included in the weaving section.
† Water jet loom : working width up to 1,900 mm
† Air Jet loom : working width up to 3,200 mm
† Rapier loom : working width up to 1,900 mm
† Projectile loom : working width up to 3,200 mm
† All the fabrics are available in dyed, printing, and raw white.
† Further Treatment are available:
Compacting, sueding, Polishing, calendaring, raising, brushing, anti
pilling, printing
† The Chemical treatments such as:
Water repellence, water proof, acrylic coating, PU coating stain release
finish, anti bacteria (sanitized) finish, Foam laminating.
† Water Jet / Woven
1,257 units ( 925 units in Cijerah site and 332 units in
Rancaekek ) to produced fabric 310,000 Yards/day
(Poly/nylon Tafetta, Pongee, Taslon, Satin)

† Air Jet / Woven

823 units to produced 240,000 Yards/day
(Ctn, CVC, T/C, T/R, Spun Polyester Twill, Popline,
Panama, Bangaline, Baby/Heavy Canvas, ribstops Yarn
Dyeing shirting, Sheeting, Denims)
† The dyeing, printing and finishing section is one of the
company·s major strengths. The company has the largest
process house in Indonesia.
† The Yarn dyeing section, 100,000 kg/day, the largest in the
country, is based next to the spinning plant at Rancaekek. Yarn
is dyed in both hank and cone form (50 units hank, 86 units
† The fabric process house is based at Rancaekek and Cijerah.
This is a very versatile process house with seven separate
sections to cater to the very large range of products produced
by the company, 230,000 kg/day dyeing capasity, 169 units
dyeing Mcs and 36 units stanters.
† Fabrics division is nominated vendor for NIKE, H&M, M&S, GAP
and other brand customers who can get qualities developed to
thick requirements.
† Printing (Rotary and Flat) 130,000 Yards/day, we have 11 units
rotary, 3 units fabric flat printing and 5 units flat blanket
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† This section consists of the following plants:
† Fiber line for producing polyfill ( Fiberfill)
† Padding plant
† Carpet and Blanket plant
† Velvet fabric plant
† Laminated fabric plant
† Soft Interlining for imitation leather
† Recycle Polyester Staple Fiber for Regular Fiber, silicone Fiber
† Yarn Recycle, Dyed Recycle fiber blanket.

† Recycled Polyester : 10,000 kg/day

† Regenerated Cotton : 12,000 kg/day

† Garments division was started in 1985 with 300 machines and has since
grown into a plant of 2,300 machines with a capacity to make
1,000,000 pcs/month.
† Plant is equipped with supporting manufacturing unit such as embroidery,
printing including heat transfer, washing laundry and also facilities to
make accessories such as draw cords, tapes, elastics, polybags, etc.
† We specialize in knits - wear products for all age-group and seasons
made from our own fabrics in qualities 100% Cotton, finer blends of
Polyester/Cotton, polyester and nylon. All fabrics and accessories are
having Okotex-100 standardp
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† T Shirt, Sweatshirt, Polo Shirt, Golf Shirt, Rugby Shirt, Jog-
shirt, Dresses, Pajamas, Nightgowns, Underwear, Padded items
such as jackets, mittens, caps, scarves, blanket, with fancy prints
and embroideries.
† Minimum order quantity : 3,600 pcs for adults garments
5,000 pcs for children/babies garments
† Lead time : 3 months
† Total Garment area : 40,000 sqm
† Stitching area : 20,210 sqm
† No. of employees : 3,400
† Monthly capacity : 70,000 ² 85,000 Dzn (1,000,000 Dz/year)
† The socks and gloves Division located at Cijerah ²
Bandung,which established in 1983, is the largest plant of its
kind in South East Asia, with a capacity of about 800,000
dozen pairs per month. Equipped with the latest Micro
Processor controlled machine.
† The division is 100% export oriented, and is entitled to use the
Okotex label.
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† SOCKS:Rib/plain/terry socks,Turn Over Tops,links-links/Rib comp.Socks,
thermal socks, plain/ringle,sport with logo, computer pattern, in 180 & 200
† TIGHTS: Rib, plain jersey & computer pattern for babies and children
† GLOVES: Children magic gloves (solid&multy colors), ladies magic gloves,
thermal gloves, work gloves, sport gloves& children gloves with ABS/Rubber