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we͛ll explain about:
r Definition
r Conjunctions
r Exercise
r A compound sentence is composed of at least
two independent clauses. It does not require a
dependent clause. The clauses are joined by a
coordinating conjunction (with or without a
comma), a correlative conjunction (with or
without a comma), or a semicolon that
functions as a conjunction. A conjunction can
be used to make a compound sentence.
r An independent clause contains a
subject, a verb, and a complete thought.

r A dependent clause contains a subject and a

verb, but no complete thought.
c c 

r Conjunctions are words used as joiners.

Different kinds of conjunctions join different
kinds of grammatical structures.
^inds of conjunctions:

r A. c RDA c c 
r B. c RRELAE c c 
r c. c cE ADERB
r D. B RDA c c 
A. c RDA c c 

for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

r coordinating conjunctions join equals to one
їWords to words, phrases to phrases, clauses
to clauses.
r A coordinating conjunction joining two
independent clauses creates a compound
sentence and requires a comma before the
coordinating conjunction.
B. c RRELAE c c 

r either. . .or
r both. . . and
r neither. . . nor
r not only. . . but also
r These pairs of conjunctions require equal
(parallel) structures after each one.
c. c cE ADERB
r These conjunctions join independent clauses
The following are frequently used conjunctive adverbs:
r a a ,a  ,

r a , a , 
r a a  ,  a
r ˜  , a  ,  a
r Etc
r Êunctuation:
їPlace a semicolon before the conjunctive
adverb and a comma after .he conjunctive
D. B RDA c c 

These words are commonly used as

subordinating conjunctions:
r u  a
r u  aa 
r u a
r a  aa  
r a  a  a 
r a   a
r etc
?emi Colon
r A semi-colon consists of a comma with a dot above it. The
semi-colon is often used to join together two independent
clauses , in other words, it joins two clauses that could be

r Example
-e promised to reform; however, a few days later he
forgot everything.

r A colon consists of two dots, one above the

other. The colon is often used to introduce a
list of items.

r Example :
‘a  a a˜  a
a    ˜  a   a  a   
r Directions: n the following exercises, turn the sentence pairs into single
compound sentences, each with a coordinating conjunction. You can
rearrange or add words in the sentence to make it sound better, but only
if it's necessary.

r r. The black dog has won many prizes. He doesn't know many tricks.
r 2. ?he saw a cat run in front of her. ?he fell down while roller-skating.
r 3. There was a meteor shower. The crew did not know how to avoid the
r 4. I wanted to buy a baby Chihuahua. I started to save my money.
r 5. Gillian did not like to read. ?he was not very good at it.