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V Nivea is a German brand owned by

Beiersdorf AG, Germany

V It launched a wholly owned subsidiary in
India in May 2007 known as NIVEA India
Pvt. Ltd.
V Its headquarters is in Mumbai
V Nivea came into existence in the year
V It is in Indian market since 34 years
V inion Research was launched in 1987
V  inion has its head office in Mumbai and
is owned by Mr. Sharad Gadkari
V They insure first class quality through
com rehensive interviewing, training,
constant monitoring, control checks &
su ervision.
1) To inform Nivea about consumer needs and
2) What are the trends in the market?
3) What do consumers want?
4) To give consumers the o ortunity to talk
to the roviders of roducts and services so
that their views are taken into account.
V Target Audience- 18-35 years women
V Areas- Research was carried out at tier-1
cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata,
Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore
i. A Consumer Usage and Attitude study
ii. An external study by Fragrance Houses
i. This covered the im ortance of scent and
fragrance to eo le's well-being and mood.
V Primary Qualitative Research In Key Markets
Key markets where the Tier-1 cities
V The research involved small discussion grou s
of females
V There is steady growth in females shaving.
V They wanted to look after their underarms
throughout all seasons (not just in summer).
V Women cared increasingly about the
condition of their underarms.
V Women desired attractive, neat underarms.
This symbolized sensuality and femininity.
V The deodorant segment remained focused on
functional rather than beautifying roducts.
V The market research revealed an unex lored
market otential for NIVEA Deodorant
V No direct com etitor was offering a roduct
to meet these needs.
V The brand did not have a s ecific roduct
that addressed 'underarm beauty' for the
female consumer.
V So there was a clear o ortunity to launch a
new roduct.
V From these ideas the marketing team
created 'Product Conce ts'.
V It carried out market research to test
whether the conce ts would work.
V Quantitative research on the conce t was
carried out
V The conce ts were tested Monadically.
A number of criteria were used to test the
conce ts:-
1) Deodorant category conce t
2) Product attributes conce t
3) Beauty deodorant conce t
V The Market Research Team conducted a roduct
usage test.
V These included:
Did it kee you dry all day?
Did you have to rea ly it?
Did you like the fragrance?
Did it last all day?
Was the deodorant reliable?
V Consumers a lied the 'de-branded' deodorant
under their right arm it and continued to use
their current deodorant under their left arm it.
V The results of the test were very ositive.
V Most said they would swa their brands after
trying the roduct.
V To develo communication to su ort the launch of
the new roduct.
V Through market research the team could check
whether the advertisements ositively su orted and
communicated the new roduct.
V The com any conducted qualitative research on some
advertising ideas amongst various grou s of the
target consumers. The objective was to evaluate
which ideas were best in terms of:
Did they stand out as exciting or different?
Were they relevant to the consumer?
Did they communicate the right things about
the new roduct?
Did they ersuade the consumer to want to
urchase the roduct?
V nce the roduct is launched and the
consumer can actually urchase it, the
research rocess does not sto .
V Continuous consumer tracking can be carried
V This involves interviewing eo le every day
V Secondary data sources such as consumer
anel data and PS ( oint of sale) data.
V New roduct launch should start with an insight
based on consumer needs.
V Throughout the launch rocess, market research
is a valuable tool for Nivea to check viability and
minimize the risk of the roduct launch.
V Being an international com any, it is essential
that Nivea launches new roducts using the
insights of consumers across markets
V This ensures the roducts are relevant to a large
number of consumers and will deliver the
maximum return.
V This maximizes return on investment for the
com any and results in ha y, satisfied and loyal