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 Rasna is a Pioma’s Brand.
 Rasna had an extremely popular advertisement tagline
i.e. “I Love You Rasna”.
 In March 2002 ,Pioma announced a radial overhauling
of its strategies for Rasna brand .
 Pioma launched two new brands , ‘Rasna Utsav’ &
‘Rasna Rozana’ in March 2002 .
 Company allocated Rs. 160 million for Multi-media
advertisement campaign.
 Rank no. 1 in the beverage category as most Trusted
Brand of India by Economic Times
 One of the top 15 brands in the country
 India’s most well known singer Asha Bhosle sung for Rasna .
 Pioma also released music cassettes & CD’s for Rasna song .
 Company also sponsored musical events across the country .
 Largest Selling Concentrate manufacturing in the world with
97% Market Share

BRANDS Sept 2009 (%)

Rasna Pvt Ltd 97.2
Coca Cola India 2.0
Sugar Free 0.2
C Sip Vitamin C 0.0
Kissan Mr Fruit 0.1
Tang 0.5
 Pioma, an Ahmedabad ( Gujrat ) based company,was the 1st to introduce
the concept of SDC in India

 Pioma launched SDC under the brand name ‘Jaffe’ in 1976 & marketed it
with the help of voltas

 The brand name was changed to Rasna in 1979

 First to introduce Dual Format

 Rasna’s SDC comprised a powder sachet & a small bottle of

thick , coloured liquid

 Most affordable drinks available in the market i.e. 50 paisa per glass
 Many popular flavours like Pineapple,Orange,Mango,Lime &
Kala Khatta,Rose as a local flavours

 Advanced world-class technology used for packaging

 The packs were pilferage-proof with moisture-resistant lining

 Pioma had 8 factories that manufactured its SDC

 Company had 24 warehouses in the country, 24 distributor, 2000


 Large scale advertising for ‘Brand Awareness’

 Over 17 years, it remained the undisputed market leader in the Indian

SDC market
 Most preferred brand in SDC category at the FMCG Most Preferred
Awards 2003 & 2004 and Consumer World Award 2004

 Marketing Man of the Year Award – Mr. Piruz Khambatta

 India’s Greatest Brand Builder – Mr. Piruz Khambatta

 DDB Needham 1989 Pinnacle Awards, New York : Print Ad

 Ad Club Bombay : Campaign of the year

Rasna Wakes up to the challenge
 Pioma finally decided to extend Rasna’s brand portfolio and launched a
pre-sweetened mix-and-drink product in 1996
 It targeted at upper end of the market
 For that they introduced rasna royal . Positioned as a vitamin- enriched
version of rasna .
 Rasna royal did not pickup very beginning . Therefore consumer
preferred rasna SDC because of its cost effective drink
 Eventually the company had to discontinue rasna royal
 In 1999 rasna launched two new flavor rasna Yorker and rasna aqua fun
 Kapil dev was brought in two endorse rasna Yorker . Yorker Succeeded
moderately but aqua fun was failure .
 In 2002 pioma continued broadening its product portfolio and launched
a ORANJOLT , it also was a failure .
The awareness among the consumes resulted in the decline of rasna
market .
 Pioma begun planning a three year revamping program in mid 2001
 Rasna announced the plan in early 2002 called the overall exercise
as the ‘Rasna for 1 billion Indians project’.

 The company new marketing strategy said “we are implementing a

strategy through which we wish to make consumers drink more
Rasna as well as get new people attracted to the brand.

 According to new distribution strategy Rasna planned to reach an

estimated 7,00,000 lack retailers annually.
 Following this company appointed 47 additional sales personal , 350
cycle salesman & 145 pilot salesman & also 500 vans for the coverage of
rural areas.

 As apart of new strategy the company focused on multimedia

advertising & promotion.

 The madras advertising agency focused on media such as TV, radio &

 Special emphasis was laid on outdoor visibility.i.e. means bus shelter

,pole kiosks ,bus panels.

 The company introduced new cateny brand teyline ‘Relish aGain”.

 ‘Relish a gain’ concept has been created in Hindi as a song which
covers the total range of products to focus on Rasna’s value in
different moment of life.

 In addition a completely new identify a new “leaf” symbol was

added to the Rasna’s brand name.
SWOT Analysis

Rasna-’We always ready to fight with compitition’-Mr.Khambatta.

 Marketing and Brand Building

 Strong Brand name with 93+ market shares

 One of the most visible advertising Featured many celebrities from the
field of entertainment and sports ,like
Hrithik Roshan, Karishma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Kapil Dev

 Rasna targeted specifically for children

 According to advertising professional , the problem with

Rasna lies in it’s advertising.

 Major products of Rasna are seasonal.

 Brand recall

 Not able to stop Piracy


 Opportunity to enter into ready drink section

 Rasna can also bring its international products into Indian market

 Entering into glucose section is definitely a good initiative.

 Other big brands like HUL,PARLE etc.

 Fruit juce section ,which is much suitable for rasna ,but

that section is also established by other brands

 New regulations & policies .

 Change in concept .
Hoping For A Sweet Future
 Although Rasna succeeded in increasing its sales in mid-
2002,few analysts were skeptical about the long-term
success if revamping strategy. The entry of players like
Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Dr.Morepen Labs and Hindustan
Lever Ltd. and their financial muscle was expected to pose
tough competition for Rasna in the future.

 In 2002, Rasna was in the process of finalizing a joint

venture with Del Monte, the largest producer of canned
fruits and vegetables in the US to offer convenience foods...
Case : Brand idea failures-Oranjolt
 Fruit drink.

 Tendency of retailers.

 Less shelf life

 Servicing outlets was also problem .

 “ Don’t have distribution structure to replace the product to every

to four weeks”