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Kentico CMS 5.

5 R2
Full-featured Flexible Web Content Management System for All Your Needs

Content Management System - I

What is a content management system?
Software that allows you to edit text and images on your web site without calling your web designer.

Why should I use a content management system?

You can edit your web site anywhere, anytime, through your web browser.

Content Management System - II

I can use Frontpage to create HTML pages, why should I use a content management system?
With a content management system, you can create interactive web sites and communicate with your visitors through on-line forms, newsletters, blogs, forums or polls. You can add a shopping cart and sell your products online.

Content Management System - III

Do I need a web designer if I use a content management system?
The web designer needs to prepare the design and structure of your web site and create page templates. Then you can easily create new pages by yourself using the templates.

Kentico CMS Overview I

Kentico CMS Overview II

Out-of-the-box solution for:
Corporate web sites On-line stores Community sites Intranets Extranets

Built on the Microsoft .NET platform

Kentico CMS Overview III

Main benefits
All-in-one solution for your Web site Easy-to-use Browser-based editing High value for a reasonable price SEO friendly Manage multiple sites from one place

The most important features

200 built-in web parts Active Directory integration AJAX support Approving documents Authorize.NET Avatars Bad words Badges Banned IP addresses Blogs Booking System Branding Complete documentation of the CMS Content and object staging Content locking (check-in/check-out) Content Rating Content/design separation Controls caching Custom document types Custom document types with Custom event handlers Custom fields Custom tables Custom web parts in C# and VB.NET Customizable Menu Customizable page templates Customizable permissions Customizable settings Deployment on shared hosting Document-level permissions Document management Drag-drop development Dynamic site map Easy deployment E-commerce (on-line store) E-mail queue Event Calendar Event Log Export/import web sites or selected Flexible content hierarchy Flexible navigation Forms authentication Forums Friendly (smart) URLs Friends Full source code Full-text search Fully customizable Geo mapping (Google Maps) Google sitemap Groups IE 6.0, IE 7.0 FireFox 1.0.5+, Mozilla 7.1+, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.52+ support Image gallery Incremental deployment of site changes installation and database Integration with custom user and role database, external authentication Linked documents Management and publishing of Media library Memory management Message boards Messaging Multiple languages Multiple sites using single code Newsletters Notifications On-line forms (BizForms) On-line users PayPal support Personalized content Personalized editor Polls Portal engine Preview before publish Project and Task management Recycle Bin Report Abuse Reporting Re-use content on several pages Roles and Users RSS feeds SEO Scheduled Tasks Spell-checker Starter Sites Taxonomy - Categories, Tagging Time-zones support URL aliases User contributions User management User registration and secured pages Web analytics Web farm support WebDAV Widgets Windows authentication Windows Live ID authentication Workgroups Workflow WYSIWYG, browser-based editing XHTML, CSS layouts, W3C WAI Youtube integration

Editing Features I
Easily edit web site content Browser-based user interface You can publish:
Pages Articles News Products Blogs Office locations Job openings Knowledge base ... and any number of custom content types


Editing Features II
WYSIWYG editor similar to Microsoft Word Workflow, versioning and rollback Multiple languages Multiple sites Upload files, images, video, music Built-in browser-based image editor for resizing, cropping, rotating and converting images Taxonomy (tree hierarchy, categories, tags)

Editing WYSIWYG editor

Web Site Features

Flexible navigation and web site structure End users can create and edit new pages without developers New pages are automatically displayed in the navigation Full-text search in both text and uploaded documents

Multi-cultures web sites

Multi-lingual Admin UI

Full-text Search
Full-text search helps visitors to find information on your web site The search can be limited to particular site section, content type and fields The search results are ordered by relevancy (rank) and they can show a preview of the documents.

Full-text Search


BizForms (on-line forms) Newsletters Image gallery E-commerce (on-line store) Forums Blogs Polls Event Calendar Booking system Private Messaging Geo Mapping (Google, Bing, Yahoo maps integration) Web Analytics User Contributions (Wiki) Reporting

Content and Object Staging Web Farm Support Message Boards Groups Friends Message Boards Content Rating Taxonomy (Tags and Categories) Media Library Document Library Project and Task management Workgroups

BizForms (On-line Forms)

Create on-line forms without programming Publish forms on the web site Capture data from web site visitors Review data and export them to Excel Send data to specified e-mail Flexible form options:
custom layout wide variety of fields (textbox, checkbox, drop-down list, ...) custom field types

BizForms (On-line Forms)

You can manage multiple e-mail newsletters Subscribers subscribe to one or more newsletters (mailing list) You can author new newsletter issues based on templates created by web designer Personalization Dear John,... Scheduling send newsletter on Tuesday morning The subscribers can subscribe on the web and unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter e-mail Automatic newsletters send out specified page to subscribers on a regular basis.

Newsletters Editing

Newsletters E-mail

Image Gallery
You can quickly publish an on-line gallery of images The thumbnails are generated automatically, you do not need to resize them manually Bulk import of images You can rename the images and add descriptions

Image Gallery

E-commerce I
Sell products on-line Shopping cart and checkout process Custom product fields Configurable shipping options Configurable payment methods Configurable taxes for every country/state Discount coupons Discount levels for partners Volume discounts Multiple currencies Wish list Inventory status Reports

E-commerce II
Support for integration with existing systems Product options/product configuration Customer credit (e.g. customer loyalty points) Built-in gateways for credit card payments:
PayPal Authorize.NET

You can also customize the behavior using custom providers like:
Custom product provider that allows you to use your existing product database Custom shipping calculator Custom tax calculator Custom invoice generator and others.

E-commerce - Products

E-commerce - Cart

E-commerce Orders

3 ways how to categorize and organize content:
Tree hierarchy of repository with document links that enable placing single document at multiple places (categories) Tagging and tag clouds Categories (additional system of categories)


Event Calendar
Display events, news, articles or any other content in a calendar format Optionally combine with event registration in the Booking system module.

Event Calendar

Booking System
Manage bookings for on-line or off-line events, such as community meetings or webinars Limit the capacity of the event Manage the registered attendees Send e-mails with event updates to all attendees Export event information to Outlook

Booking System

Geo Mapping
Display content on the map e.g.:
office locations stores partners real estates points of interest in the city

Uses Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps

Geo Mapping

User Contributions (Wiki)

Enable visitors to create content on your web site without access the administration interface Typical scenarios:
Community sites members share knowledge Partner directory partners manage their profiles Local business directory business owners manage the profiles of their companies

Flexible security model:

Any visitor Only site members Only document owners Only users with appropriate permissions

User Contributions (Wiki)

Web analytics
Track visitors, on-line campaigns and conversions:

Visits Page views Most visited pages Referring web sites File downloads Countries Campaigns Conversions (orders, registrations, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)

Web analytics

Create reports from data stored in the Kentico CMS database Examples:
Created/modified documents Site member reports Sales

Customizable layout of the reports You can use:

bar chart pie chart table value

Create custom filters Print or save reports



Content and Object Staging

Synchronize development, testing and live web sites Create and test content, design and functionality on the staging (development/QA) server and then publish it on the live server over a secured web service With staging, the document life cycle looks like this:
Document is created Document is approved in the workflow process Document is published on the staging server Review and approval by site manager -> synchronization Document is published on the live server

Content and Object Staging

Social Networking Features I

Kentico CMS provides a complete and flexible framework for social networks and on-line communities Why on-line communities?
Engage customers and increase their loyalty Start more personal and open communication Present and test new ideas Get feedback from clients Identify and eliminate sources of negative PR early Market research, polls and focus groups Decrease support costs let customers help each other

Social Networking Features II

Available features
User registration and management Forums Blogs Message Boards Groups Friends Polls Private messaging Media Libraries Ready-to-use Community Starter Site Community points and user badges Integration with LiveID, OpenID and FaceBook Connect

Forums I
Create on-line communities Main features:
Moderation Access rights for posting (anonymous/registered/chosen roles) E-mail subscriptions Full-text search WYSIWYG editing (optional) Signatures and user images (avatars) Threaded/flat/tree view modes

Forums II
Main features - continued:
CAPTCHA verification (optional) Document-related forums (e.g. article comments) Lock forum Post attachments BB-editor text formatting Inserting images Quoting Question & Answers mode Mark post as answer


Any number of blogs authored Each blog authored by one of more people (enterprise blogging) Integrates with standard content management and security features (workflow, friendly URLs, search, etc.) Tagging, tag cloud and categories Moderated comments RSS feeds Fully customizable design Rating Trackbacks and Pings


MetaWeblog API
Kentico CMS enables to use editors like Windows Live Writer or MS Word to write blog posts

Message Boards
Flat list of messages from users Customizable permissions (anybody can post/only registered members/only chosen roles) E-mail subscriptions Moderation (optional) Can be used for article or product comments

Message Boards

Create groups of members who share similar interests such as users of some product or fans of some music band Groups can share ideas and create content:
Message boards Forums Pages (Wiki) Polls Media libraries for sharing pictures and videos


Build personal or professional social networks

Get visitor opinions and feedback Any number of answers Single-choice or multiple-choice voting Choose who can vote (anonymous/registered/chosen roles)


Private Messaging
Enable site members to send private messages to other members. Useful for community sites. Inbox/outbox/contact list/blocked users

Media Libraries
Create media libraries and upload documents, images, music or video Support for user-created content visitors can upload their own content

Media Libraries

Allows the editor / group administrator / site visitor to personalize specific parts of the page Every Web part can be set as the Widget There are separate groups of Widgets for
Group administrators Content editors Web site visitors


Enterprise Intranet 2.0 Features

Project management Task management Document management WebDAV support Workgroups MOSS integration

Project and Task Management

Users with appropriate rights can create and manage a project Project includes particular tasks There are owners and assigned users of the task Project progress is based on the progress of all underlying tasks Integrated with Workgroups Fully customizable statuses and priorities Ready to use on the live site

Project info

Document Management
Management of any file in the content tree Based on the Document library webpart Integration with WebDAV Workflow support Check-in/check-out support Copy/Delete/Open/Edit of any file Permissions management per document library and per each file Version history Documents archiving Fully supported at the live site

Document Management

Efficient vehicle for the team collaboration and co-operation Workgroup documents can be private (workgroups members only) or public Any user can create and manage workgroup Workgroup admin can modify homepage of workgroup home page Support Project and Task management

WebDAV support
Enables direct edit of files from the site The file is directly opened by the client application and saved directly back E.g. MS Office files are directly editable in the MS Office 2003+

SharePoint integration
Kentico CMS Connector for the WSS/MOSS 2007/2010 shows on public web from the SharePoint
Lists Files Document libraries Picture libraries

Enterprise Intranet 2.0 Solution

Out-of-the-box ready-to-use solution for your Enterprise 2.0 Intranet that boost your team collaboration and cooperation It covers all necessary functionality
Corporate identity, policy documents, canteen menu, employees directory, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, News, Corporate events Document libraries, Media libraries Project management Team workgroups Company Departments and many others ..

Fully customizable any part of the Intranet website

Intranet Solution - Main portal

Intranet Solution - Department

Intranet Solution - Workgroup

Intranet Solution - MyDashoard

UI Personalization
Customization of available features for Administration tools and WYSIWYG Editor per given role The administrator can enable different features for each role
E.g. web designers will have available only webdesign based features Authorized users can access only My Desk etc.

UI Personalization

Mobile devices support

Kentico CMS allows to create websites optimized for mobile devices The mobile websites can use formatting and navigation optimized for smaller screens and less capable mobile browsers. They can also re-use existing content from your main website so you don't have to copy it and keep it updated manually. When the CMS recognizes a mobile device, it can automatically redirect the visitor to the optimized mobile site.

Mobile part of the website

RSS/ATOM/XML Syndication
Kentico CMS supports RSS/ATOM/XML syndication for any content stored on the website

Granular security model:
Users Roles Module permissions Content permissions all content/site section/single document

Secured site areas for site members Personalized content (e.g. for clients , silver partners and gold partners ) SSL (HTTPS) can be configured for chosen site sections or pages Secured against SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (XSRF)


External Authentication
Kentico CMS contains fully customizable authentication system Kentico CMS supports out-of-the-box integration with:
Live ID Open ID FaceBook Connect

Kentico CMS can be used for web sites with large number of visitors and large number of documents e.g.:

www.gibson.com www.ireland.ie www.medibank.com.au www.yachtbooker.com single web part caching CMS content caching full page caching image caching

Flexible caching options:

Support for web farms Support for SQL Replications

Browser-based development without programming (for web designers) You can also create ASPX page templates in Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 with your own code Support for .NET 2.0/3.5 and 4.0 Easily extensible with your own:

user controls (ASCX) web parts (ASCX) server controls modules event handlers providers

Easily integrate data from external systems

Portal Engine
Full control over page layout, design and HTML code Fully browser-based development, very easy to use without deep .NET knowledge Easily extensible with your own user controls (ASCX) and web parts developed in Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 (C# or VB.NET) 250+ built-in web parts Web parts are also user controls (ASCX), but with standardized interface Master page concept allows you to share header, main menu and footer for all pages

Portal Engine

Web parts

ASPX Page Templates

Standard ASP.NET (.ASPX) pages Editable in Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 You can add any custom code and controls to the page template Support for ASP.NET master pages (.master) Add any custom controls and code in C# or VB.NET

ASPX Page Templates

Kentico CMS is running in:
Shared Hosting Medium trust Mosso Cloud hosting Preparing for the Windows Azure platform Special Cloud hosting licensing

Windows Azure
Windows Azure is Cloud computing platform delivered by Microsoft Corporation Offers SQL Azure (based on SQL Server)
SQL Full-text is not ready for Windows Azure yet

Supports ASP.NET development

Single instance session states
Webfarms synchronization requires custom provider

Doesn t support file-system

Windows Azure - Limited feature set

Due to the missing Windows Azure features Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 Windows Azure has the following limitations:
Doesn t support any file based operations (import/export, Smart Search, Media libraries) Web Farms => Supports only Single Instance Manual setup & deployment to Windows Azure

1 Web Site (single web site) 1 Server (unlimited web sites for a single organization on a single machine) Editions:
Free Edition (available for the commercial usage) Base license (features based on selected additional packages)
E-commerce package Social networking package Advanced package Document management package

Ultimate license includes all packages

Source Code available for the Ultimate license Feature matrix available at http://www.kentico.com/cms-asp-netfeatures/Feature-Matrix.aspx

Each license contains 1-year maintenance
Support New Kentico CMS releases 7 days bug fixing policy

Each license contains unlimited developer, testing and stage server licenses Available paid Consulting services and Remote Assitance

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2, Windows XP, Windows Vista Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate or Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit) Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and higher Microsoft IIS Server 5.0/6.0/7.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (including Express Editions)

Client (for editors):

Internet Explorer 7.0/8.0 FireFox 3.5 Safari 4.0 or FireFox 3.5 on Mac OS

Client (for visitors):

Generally any browser, depends on the used web parts, all major browsers supported (IE, FF, Safari, Opera)

Visual Studio Professional 2005/2008/2010 or Visual Web Developer 2005/2008/2010 Express Edition (if you need to write your own code)

About Kentico Software

Founded in 2004 in the Czech Republic (European Union) U.S. office since 2008 Privately held, no external funding Named fastest growing Czech company in 2010 by Deloitte Focused only on Kentico CMS 2500+ clients in 84 countries Kentico Solutions Partner network over 1200 active partners More than 6000 web sites running on Kentico CMS, clients include:
Microsoft Mazda Gibson Musical Instruments ESPN CTV Vodafone

More at http://www.kentico.com/Showcase.aspx

Kentico CMS Major Clients

How to reach us?

http://www.facebook.com/KenticoCMS http://twitter.com/kenticocms http://kentico.uservoice.com/
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