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About North Korea

North Korea is located in Eastern Asia, northern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Korea Bay and the Sea of Japan, between China and South Korea. North Korea has an area of 120,538 square kilometers, making it the 98th largest country in the world. North Korea are especially smaller than Mississippi. North Koreas size is about 122,762 sq. km. (47,918 sq. mi.), and it about the size of Mississippi. North korea terrian are about 80% of lands area, It has high mountain separated by deep, narrow valley and small. The remainder of north korea is a lowland plains covering small area. North Koreas climate is temperate with rainfall and mostly concentrated in summer. Summer are tends to be short , Hot , Humid, and rainy because of the moist from the Pacific Ocean. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons and bring the most pleasant weather. North Korea has four distinct season such as summer , winter , spring , and autumn. The Population of north korea is about 25.5 millions . The Ethnic groups are Korean; small ethnic Chinese and Japanese populations. The language of north korea is Korean and they usually speak that. The demographics of North korea are difficult to assess due to the limited amount of data available from the country. The historical data is from the work done by United state scholar Nicholas Eberstadt and demographer Judith Banister in 1992. North Korea is a Communist state ruled by one man, Kim Il-sung. North Korea Independence is in August 15, 1945 and Korean liberation from Japan is currently in September 9, 1948 establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K., or North Korea) North Koreas branch are Executive President of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly (which it is the chief of state),Chairman of the National Defense Commission (head of government). For the branch of Legislative are Supreme People's Assembly. The Judicial branch Central Court; provincial, city, county, and military courts. The most important thing in north korea is to know about the Political party Korean Workers' Party (Communist). North Korea, one of the world's most directed and least open economies. Since 2002, the government has allowed private farmer to begin selling a bigger range of goods and foods. North Korea does not publish National Income Accounts data, the data shown here are from purchasing power parity estimates for North Korea that were made by Angus MADDISON in a study conducted for the OECD, his figure for 1999 was infer to 2009 using estimated real growth rates for North Korea's GDP and an inflation factor based on the US GDP deflator; the results were rounded to the nearest $10 billion. In most cases, the figures used above are estimates based upon incomplete data and projections. North Korea s religious are Buddhism, Confucianism, Shamanism, Chongdogyo, and Christianity but for christian only some people belived in it because the government ruled North Korea not to belived in christian and if your going to belive then you have to keep it to yourself or else youll get killed and shot. North Koreas tends to be similar to Japanese because their alphabets are the same but they speak different. By : Chue Her (:

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