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Simplified SBR wastewater treatment plant design

Final Project of CAE Tools By Jinghua Xiao


Project Goal Who are the Users User Interface Employed Software Assumption How to Implement The Implement

Project Goal

develop an implement to design a WWTP with a simplified SBR treatment process (including preliminary treatment, SBR treatment and disinfection) only. An extension of assignment 6 Users just need to input some basic information, the design will come out.

Who are the Users

Engineering students who are learning how to design SBR WWTP

User Interface

The implement should include five parts:

WWTP Design Work information User Instruction Data Input Do Calculation (always hidden) Design Report (hidden before report)

Employed Software

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

do calculation (spreadsheet, Mathcad, Matlab, VB, database, etc) get data from spreadsheet (database, VB, spreadsheet, etc) make a user interface to input data and make some controls (VB, spreadsheet) explain the meaning of each parameters (spreadsheet ) store and report data (Database, spreadsheet)


The wastewater volume is not very big, so that the simplified SBR process is feasible and economical.

How to Implement
Inflow Grit Removal Screening Removal SBR tank Disinfect tank Effluent

Sludge Disposal

Treatment Capability Design

Based on the Assignment 6 average Q (m3/d) Qavg Qmax, Qpeak (m3/d)

How to Implement -- Continued

Step 1, Grit Removal Design

Peak flow design parameters: V(m3), length(m), width(m), height(m), retention time(min)

How to Implement -- Continued

Step 2, Bar Screen Design  Two screens are implied: coarse screen (6-20mm, remove 60% SS) and the fine screen (2.3-6mm, design to remove 25% SS)  Peak flow design Design Factors: (width, length, depth, spacing, velocity, angle and type)

How to Implement -- Continued

CSTR Tanks Design

Two Tanks work alternatively; Filling Reacting Settling Decanting Idle; Parameters: V, H, L, W; T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, period,

How to Implement -- Continued

Activated Sludge Design

F/M Design, mass ratio of food/microbes 0.05~0.1 Parameters: Yield rate, waste sludge (volume, discharge period), sludge disposal method; Oxygen needed to oxidize BOD & NH3-N Parameters: Volume/hr, oxygen transfer efficient Adopt ultraviolet to disinfect Based on the number of fecal coli form Parameters: hydraulic retention time, volume, length



How to Implement -- Continued


User Input:
t r sN e Out OD ( /L) Re Perce t Out r s I ut ( Re /L) Perce t H Fec C r


W ter Quality TALK H


Fec C

The Implement

Link to the implement, design.xlt Link to the test file, design test.xls

Thank you!