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Project Report on

Name: Jumakhan Roll No: 08 Class: Sy BBA

Executive summary
market share of Airtel in the Panjim Goa. Targeted 55 shops (telecom and non telecom shops). 36shops they had the Airtel . Most of the customers they like Airtel celebrate by Sachin and Sharukh .  I found that Most of the customers they had complain from drop net work connection. Airtel customer care is average .  Airtel its advertisement is very less.
Understood the

the market share of Airtel in allotted markets To find out the Main problem of Airtel as well as in Goa through the retailers and shops feedback. To find out the retailers and consumers problems. To understand which kind of Airtel advertisement has more effect on the mind of the customers. To understand which type of recharge customers mostly like (more talk time or more validity). To understand that how many customers got still the benefits schemes that offered by Airtel. To know the satisfaction level from the existing telecom shopkeepers.
To find

Contof Objective
celebrity can more attract the customer to be the Airtel consumer. To find out the percentage of Airtel users regarding of the prepaid and post paid services. To find out which feature of Airtel forced people to use Airtel. To find out the customers satisfaction level from the network service connection. To find out the overall analysis of the retailers feedback about the Airtel which is based on (Brand ,Market strength ,customers care service ,product Line). To keep an eyes on the competitors strengths and weaknesses.
To know that which kind of

Company profile
time launched in Delhi in 1995,and it structured in two main division, one is Mobility and second is Infotel. Airtel is a brand of telecom service in India. Airtel provide the whole range of telecom services , and also it is available at string of outlets. Airtel provide international Roaming with 157operators in many countries, a host of VAS, fixed cellular service &fast growing. Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in India . Airtel has operation in 23 telecom circle in India, along with the 112 million satisfied customers.
Airtel first

Marketing mix services of Airtel

Prepaid Mobile Phone: Total cost control Pre Activated STD/ISD Strong Network coverage. Postpaid Mobile phone: Easy Billing . Easy payment Options. Anytime ,anywhere. Credit Limit. Long distance calling facility. Widest Roaming (National and International)

Fixed wireless Phone : Avail the convenience of a mobile

phone on a fixed line without any cable disturbing the ambience living room. And its features are :
Easy to

use. Instant connection. Great Add-on services with features of a mobile phone like Hello tunes ,GPRS, call wait call diverted .

Optional services of broadband & internet Speed on Demand Mobile. Voice . Career services. E business services. Satellite services. International services

Television Internet Newspaper Sign boards Franchise offices Direct contact

Vision and mission

Vision: To provide global telecom services
and delight customers.

Mission :We will meet the mobile

communication needs of our customers through: Error-free service delivery. Innovative products and services. Cost efficiency.

SWOT Analysis Strength:


product line . Strong brand Name. Airtel has high revenue . Superior quality product and enviable distribution network.


to different target markets and No of different kind of services . Airtel face to high expenditures and manufacturing cost. Little efforts over the Advertising of product . No separate strategy for rural market. Some customers are not satisfied with the services of the company.

business processes and infrastructure through flexible, standardized integration framework. Outsourcing of technology enables Airtel to focus resources on growing the business Flexible pricing model enables Airtel to avoid major increases in capital expenditures The company's financial performance can receive a major boost from its cost reduction efforts.
Optimization of

intensifying in the Indian telecom services market. Others telecommunication companies are developing and providing new services .so Airtel need away to focus on Price Competition from BSNL and Vodafone. Airtel is tough competition from the operators like BSNL & Vodafone as these two operators are offering services at a low rate.
Competition is

Company profile
is located in New Delhi. Airtel has 23circles in whole India Maharashtra circle divided in two parts. Maharashtra Zone divided in seven zones including of Goa. Airtel in Goa has one zonal office in patto plaza Panjim, there has been working 21 employees, they are directly controlling by Maharashtra circle.
Airtel head office

Company structure
ZBM (Zonal Business Manager)

Goa-(prepaid )

Conkan (Prepaid)

Sale postpaid

Post paid team













Problem statement
Main problem: Network drop in some area of Maharashtra and Goa circle. Peripheral problems: Network is Busy some time at 7 PM. Dropped calls and network busy signal after 3 minutes at night some times . Packs are activating by it self , without asking customer.

Research Design and methodology

Primary Data:  Research methodology  Research design 2.Secondary Data: Internet Media Print 3.Target Respondents : Retailers and shopkeepers of Panjim

4. Sampling : sample size 55 targeted

Data Analysis

Do you keep TELECOM connections?
7% 29% yes No 71% 93% yes No

Are you using Airtel connection in your shop?

Are you interested in having AIRTEL
20% yes No



Type of shops which are using Airtel

How many Mobile connections do you have in your shop?

8% 28%

4% 19% 1connection


General stores STD /PCO Telecom

42% 2connection 3connection >3connection 35%


Keeping type of the connection by the shops

Airtel 16% 22% Vodafone Idea 11% Reliance 11% 21% BSNL others 19%

People take benefits of schemes offered by AIRTEL Type of recharge cards liked by the people.

8% 22%

more talktime

more validity

Can't Say




Are you using Prepaid or Postpaid?

Celebrity liked by people very much in AIRTEL.

8% 7%
post -paid prepaid
Shahrukh kareena A.R.Rehman Sachin

50% 36%


Feature of AIRTEL forced people to use AIRTEL is Type of advertisement mostly like by peoples in AIRTEL is

13% 20% 38% 10% advertisement Goodwill schemes connectivity 2% Audio visual print Audio 85% 32%


feedback of Retailers about the Airtel Brand Image

People know about AIRTEL cellular service through.

8% 12% 25%
Excellent Good Average Bad

5% 28%
friends Advertisement other sources

67% 55%

customer care service Market strength


5% 12%
Excellent Good Average Average Bad

15% 15%
Excellent Good

43% 38%



Customer satisfaction level from the Airtel network service connection product line

8% 32% 22% 20%

Exellent Good Average Bad


Excellent Good Average Bad



Number. of shops that they are keeping telecom in their shops as well as Airtel. Type of recharge card liked by the people Most of the customers they got the benefits schemes of the Airtel . Airtel celebrity liked by the customer through Sachin and sharukh. Type of Advertisement mostly liked by people is by the Audio visual. Most of the people know about the Airtel through the Advertisement.

Brand Image Customer care Product line Network

Excellent 25% 15% 12% 35% 8%

Good 55% 55% 38% 45% 20%

average 12 % 15% 43% 22% 50%

Bad 8% 5% 7% 3% 22%

Market strength


Cont .
Airtel has 22%market share in Goa, along with the 125000 customers in prepaid and 8500customers in postpaid.

shops. New schemes are not properly being conveyed to the retailers. Customer demand is high for Airtel but due to services complaints, less advertisements and claims issues the retailers are diverting the customers to other telecommunication Customer diversification from Airtel is increasing in regular basis due to increase in service complaints. More and vast visibility of other telecommunication boards and advertisements which is improving their promotion and branding. Some of the customers they had complain form the network connection especially in Call Drop after 3 minutes in night. and also Network Busy at 7 PM. Some of the customers they have also complained from Airtel regarding that Packs are activate by it self , without asking customer. It was observed that most of the customers expressed their unhappiness over billing services. Either they were wrongly charged or they never received bills on time.
it was

observed that Board and advertisement are required in many

So for

the betterment of Good services Airtel can go for solving its problem to share its network with some others telecommunications or prepare some Wireless Booster to increase the strength of its Network. Airtel should focus more on promotion and advertising part Better schemes for dealers/ retailers so that they can be able to develop self interest and company as well. Competition is intensifying in the telecom services market. Airtel should celebrate mostly by Sachin and Sharukh . Airtel should more focus on Audio visual Advertisement The brands must be made available easily in, PCO &and Retailers Airtel has to improve the Network & Connectivity  To Reduce the Roaming charge for the Mobile user Claims should be cleared as early as possible.

AIRTELs Advertising has a

major impact on its users. People

like its schemes very much . AIRTEL had created a very good Brand image on the mind of the new customers to use Airtel The average rating for the company is being Good. Some respondents commented that Airtel is very worst at Coverage and Customer care Support. AIRTEL is successful in capturing the highest market share by adopting Celebrity Endorsement Strategy. Airtel packs are activate by its self without asking customers. Airtel its network connection is weak than its competitors ,so they can go for sharing with some other telecom or look to some wireless booster.  company can makes more profits only when it can satisfy all its customers, dealers and distributors .

Thank you!